Famous Cartoon characters based on the real-life adaptations


Are you aware of the fact that the most popular cartoon characters of your time are adapted from some real faces? Yes, whether it is Popeye the sailor man or Dennis the Menace they are adapted from the real faces in which most of the faces were their own creators! Here we listed eleven famous cartoon characters of 90’s and the real faces which are behind them. Just have a look-

1) Mr Magoo – W. C. Fields
Mr Magoo was created by Millard Kaufman and the character was depicted as near-sighted, mumbling old man. Later on, it was observed that there was a huge similarity between the creator and the character.

2) Popeye the Sailor – Frank “Rocky” Fiegel
Do you know that the real face behind this famous 90’s character is a real-life sailor and the artist’s fellow friend who always hold a pipe in his mouth? The artist, Elzie Crisler “E.C.” Segar re-imagined and then created this newly animated sailor.

3) Dennis “The Menace” – Dennis Lloyd Ketcham
Cartoon artist Hank Ketcham represented his own son as the leading character Dennis and used to exaggerate his own son’s notorious activities in the series.

4) Jessica Rabbit – Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall
Initially the character was inspired by Rita Hayworth but later on, the directed shifted this inspiration from Rita to Veronica Lake and finally switched to Lauren Bacall. So we can say that Jessica Rabbit is an amalgam of all three inspirations.

5) Tinker Bell – Margaret Kerry
The author, J. M. Barrie, created the character for the play Peter Pan in 1904 but the fairy was recognized by the Disney movie.

6) Yosemite Sam – Deadeye/Red Skelton
Earlier the face of the character was the director Fritz Frelang. Later on, it was modified a bit.

7) Skippy – Percy Crosby
This cartoon artist drew himself as the character and re-created his own childhood memories.

8) Little Lulu – Marjorie Henderson Buell
This female artist made herself and became one of the few prominent female cartoonists. She also shared her childhood experience through this character.

9) Henry- Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson, the cartoonist drew an unplanned sketch at the age of 67 for students at a vocational school. This sketch later converted into a famous cartoon character.

10) Archie Andrews – Mickey Rooney
This handsome red-headed character was based on a speckle-faced boy who was a young comedian and a star of that time named as Mickey Rooney.

11) Betty Boop – Helen Kane
The face behind this cartoon character was the famous singer Helen. Both her voice and appearance were perfectly matched.