Is your child a bully? Here are 12 signs to let you find out


Signs that your child is the bully-The first thing that comes to our mind when we consider bullying, is the dread that our children could be a casualty of bullying. As parents, this is something that is naturally present. Nonetheless, as parents, we likewise have an obligation to guarantee that our children are not the ones causing the damage.

12 Signs that your child is bully

Imagine a scenario in which your child is a bully, and you don’t know about it. If the evil impacts of bullying are that something you are extremely worried about, it is vital to set aside your self-questions as parents and be objective about your children’s conduct. This isn’t the right time for questions like: “I am the cause for my child to turn up this way, so I must be a horrible parent”.

12 Signs that your child is bully

A more reasonable and essential thing to ask would be “Is my child a risk to others?” It is important to ask so since the impacts of bullying can be unfavourable to a child’s psychological and physical wellbeing and most times leave long-lasting scars. Here are some of the implications of bullying:

12 Signs that your child is bully

A child who is bullied is likely to:

– have depression and anxiety;

– have increased feelings of sadness and loneliness;

– experience problem with their sleeping and eating

– no longer be able to enjoy activities they once did;

– lose self-confidence and start thinking they are useless;

– think of the bully’s words as real (I’m dumb; I’m a washout; I look funny);

– experience health issues including respiratory, digestive problems and aches;

– perform ineffectively in school and have low test scores;

– think about suicide as a solution to their emotional problems.

12 Signs that your child is bully

Aside from this, a bully is probably the way he is as a result of their own psychological and behavioural issues. Kids who feel seriously insecure, have confidence issues, emotional issues at home, a dread of being judged or forgotten, and those with an extreme shortfall of self-endorsement may turn to bully others. Here are the vital signs that your kid may be a bully:

1. Complete unruliness

Do they disrupt guidelines, argue, and feel good in disobeying you, their instructors, and other grown-ups? Most children experience periods of resistance, however in the event that this is becoming a regular activity, it’s right to sit with your child and make sense of why they want to resist.

Violent streak: Do they feel right about viciousness that the media sometimes portrays? Do they enjoy seeing things like “I could bash him up”?

2. Physically abusive

Is it accurate to say that they are physically abusive to articles or creatures? Do they tend to utilise their hands in stopping their companions, overshadowing them, or utilise their strength in breaking through to the front

3. Verbally insulting

Do they tend to name-call different children, taunt, disparage, or heave negative words? All the more vitally, is there anybody in the house who does this? Provided this is true, your child may basically be reflecting what she/he sees from this individual.

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4. Extremely combative

Does your kid concentrate a considerable measure on winning? Is it troublesome for them to unwind and have fun? Are amusements, tests, play time and games only to win or do they relax and appreciate the action for its own particular purpose?

5. Lacking sympathy

Are they empathetic and thoughtful towards others? Children as small as little kids can feel sympathy for others and even feel what others feel. If your kid demonstrates little respect for others’ sentiments, this should ring an emphatic.

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6. Hostile to grown-ups

Do you feel a shrouded animosity in your kid? Does it communicate in the way they handle things, the way they close the door (with a loud bang), the way they converse with kin or pets, the way they respond to you? Your kid may be open(irate words, uproarious moves, boisterous activities, violence) or passive about it (respond with ridiculing outward appearances, feign exacerbation, utilise blame or passionate extortion to control).

12 Signs that your child is bully

7. Preoccupied with brutality in art

Do they draw pictures of viciousness or expound on scorn, outrage, and harming others? Do they fixate on music that is to a great degree forceful and has indications of brutality in the verses?

8. Subjugate their fellows

In a group, do they tend to be authoritarian or domineering? It’s great if your kid displays natural leadership skills. However, there is a line between being a leader and having a need to dominate others.

12 Signs that your child is bully

9. Difference of the Sexes: Generally, speaking

Boy: Uses physical qualities to force himself on others.

Girl: Needs to win no matter what and has a mean streak

This isn’t valid in all cases. Girls may have a tendency to get physically forceful or utilise social strategies, for example, separating an individual from gatherings and influencing them to feel alone. Boys may do likewise, yet uphold it through force instead of respect.

12 Signs that your child is bully

10. Impetuous and easily annoyed

Is your kid easily irritated? Do they trust individuals around them have a responsibility to them to keep things flawless and act in a way that is suited to them?

11. Run into trouble at school

Do you receive too many calls and complaints against them from the school? Do they cause harm to educators, peers, and other children?

12 Signs that your child is bully

12. Talented with their words

Can your kid talk himself/herself out things by talking to avoid inconvenience? This may appear like a desirable attribute to have. Be that as it may, if this is utilized as a way to get away with mean activities or avoiding duty regarding the harm they have caused, it could turn perilous and dangerous in their adulthood.

12 Signs that your child is bully