There are several hidden facts which are quite known to every one of us. But these facts contain several misconceptions that are still hidden from people. We have brought these facts with their actual logic based on several research studies which will change your perception regarding these truths. Just have a look at these sub-points-

1) No one can be protected once trapped in quicksand
Quicksand can result in very dangerous for you if your body is trapped by more than 50%. But if you lie down on quicksand, you’ll be sucked slowly as compared to the standing position due to density variation, and there are still chances that you might be saved if there are people to help you nearby.

13 Hidden Facts wrapped within the Truth
2) Using a mobile phone can cause a fire at a gas station

Using mobile phones does not cause a fire at petrol pumps or gas stations, but the emitting radio waves might interfere with the system over there.

3) Plugging the tailpipe of a car may damage the engine
Instead of damaging the engine, the object might be released out like a missile once the car is started.

4) Coffee is made up of seeds instead of beans
Initially, the red seeds are collected, and after processing them at various stages, we obtain beans from which coffee is produced.

5) Vitamin C is the best savior from colds
Still, no research has been resulted in stating that vitamin C protects us from colds or it fights against the viruses which cause colds.

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6) Penguins are monogamous
Penguins are monogamous till breeding season. They spend the whole time with their breeding partner, but they might live alone or may migrate to another place.

7) After shaving the growth of hairs is thick and dark in color
The dark color fact after shaving is not clear yet by researchers, but yes somewhere it has been known to be true that shaving might cause hair growth to be abnormal and thick.

8) Do men think about sex every 7th second?
This fact is just a gender-biased myth or rumor. Not any individual whether male or female thinks about sex.

13 Hidden Facts wrapped within the Truth
9) One shouldn’t be a sleepwalker
It is believed that sleepwalking is dangerous as one can go beyond their limits and can even attack an individual as they’re in their sub-conscious mind. But it is just a myth and neither too dangerous.

10) Mars has a red color
Mars has a butterscotch color, but due to heat and sunlight rays, it appears to be red.

13 Hidden Facts wrapped within the Truth
11) Most of the heat is dissipated through the head
The amount of heat released from a single part of the body is the same as the other part. Therefore, the real truth is that the amount of heat we are losing from our entire body is the same amount of heat we are losing through our head.

13 Hidden Facts wrapped within the Truth
12) Bagpipers belong to Scotland
No, Bagpipers doesn’t belong to Scotland, in fact, they emerged from Eastern Europe.

13) What does SOS stand for?
SOS can be abbreviated as save our souls by local people but actually, it is translated into a Morse code: 3 dots, three dashes, three dots.

13 Hidden Facts wrapped within the Truth