15 Scientific Facts That Sound Like Fiction


Crazy Scientific Facts-In today’s world, the adage “Truth is stranger than fiction” is no longer an exception but the norm. The advancement of science has meant that many things that were just sci-fi are now a reality. Couple it with the fact that natural world is full of surprises, the adage becomes a reality.

Crazy Scientific Facts

  1. Coldest Place:

15 Crazy Scientific Facts

If you used that the coldest place in the Universe would be in a far-away planet, you are wrong. It is on Earth and was created by a scientific experiment that turned the temperature to absolute zero.

  1. Close:

If you want to know the importance of space in the world, you would be baffled to know that if all the space in atoms could be removed, humanity would only take up as much space as an apple.

  1. Flavour Of Raspberries:

If you ever wanted to know how the Universe tastes like, the answer is raspberries. It is because the compound that makes raspberries taste the way they do is present all around the Universe.

  1. Slippery:

There are a lot of slippery things in the world but do you know what the slipperiest substance is? The fluid that is present in our knees and enables smooth movement!

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