Food facts-Eating is not just about fulfilling that killing hunger, rather also about having pleasure with the dishes that you choose to eat. There are many unknown facts about your favorite dishes that you may not be aware of. Different countries and cults have their specialties like Italians consider pasta as their heritage, and the French people are proud of their onion soup and fondue, and rightly so. We have however dug some important yet crazy food facts that can bring a change in your attitude towards them. Many facts about the foods you might have on a daily basis have some essential facts about them which you need to know right away.

Crazy Food Facts You Should Know

Apples are roses’ relatives.

Crazy Food Facts We Didn't Have A Clue About!

Yes, that is indeed true. Apples and many other fruits are the close relatives of roses. The Rosaceae family is their home. Other fruits that fall in this fascinating category are pears, plums, and raspberries. Amazing isn’t it? Be sure to check the science behind that one, and I bet you will be blown at the end of the process.

There is a drink that can replace some meals.

The Soylent manufacturer wanted to achieve an interesting goal of replacing meals with a drink. Now one bottle of this drink will provide your body with twenty percent of the proteins, vitamins, and microelements needed by the body. This was surely one heck of a task but not quite impossible. The Soylent’s creators are pretty sure that they are the future of nutrition. Since the population is going up the scale every day, they rightly believe that the availability of products will fail to fulfill the requirements of such a big mass and their drink will be able to replace meals. One bottle of Soylent costs $3.25.

Love for coffee may be inherited.

Yeah, that cup of coffee may have been passed to you by your parents or grandparents. The studies of the Harvard scientists show that caffeine absorption may depend on your genes. Coffee has a different effect on different people. You may get all the energy that you need in a day from a sip or two, but other people may have to chug down three espressos to be fully awake. So, if you do not like coffee and your friends cannot stop talking about how much they love it, then you have one thing that you can finally blame your parents.

Boiled potato is healthier when served cold.

There is a reason that the potato is considered to be unhealthy food. It has a rather high glycemic index (GI), the speed of carbohydrate absorption and the fact that it raises blood sugar levels. The harmful effect of this glycemic index can be reduced by a very simple method, that is to have it when it is cold. You see, the starch will be absorbed slower, and the potatoes glycemic will be lower than hot mashed potatoes.

A cob of corn always has an equal number of grains.

That one is by the fascinating one out of all. Also, almost 1/4 of the products and items contain corn, that is, from fireworks to animal feed.

Mushrooms, as well as insects, have chitin.

A certain bipolymer named as chitin helps the insects’ wings go rigid and guess what, it is the same biopolymer which can be found in mushrooms. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to boil it for too long as there will be no change if you boil it for three minutes or three hours; the shape and taste remain the same. Another interesting fact about this is that in Oregon, scientists have found the biggest mushroom in the world that covers an area of 1665 football fields.

Pistachios can combust

Oh yes, you read it quite normally. Pistachios can combust if they are transported in large batches. This happens because there is a very high level of fats that are contained in them and also because of the lack of water. Additionally, these nuts consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide that can lead to combustion. So be careful next time you sit near a big pile of pistachios (I am kidding). This is the reason pistachio nuts should be shipped under very safe and careful conditions.

Artificial vanilla and beavers

Interestingly enough, beavers smell like vanilla. They have some gland secretions that has a vanilla odor. It is used in perfume manufacturing and also as a food additive (in non-alcoholic drinks and desserts).

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.

In 1897 a dentist, William Morrison, who was also a political leader, created a dessert, Fairy Floss, that is today known as cotton candy. Another dentist later patented a cotton candy machine to produce the treat that we are used to eating. These two dentists are quite frankly a blessing sent in disguise, aren’t they fellas?

Rhubarb leaves are to be eaten with caution.

Rhubarb is a very healthy vegetable as it contains carbs, vitamins(C, PP, and B), potassium and magnesium. People should, however, remember to have the stalks as the leaves of rhubarb are enriched with oxalic acid. Kidney and stomach can be harmed with the acid and people having gastritis, and kidney stone are at even higher risk.

Manufacturers irradiate fruit and vegetables.

Food irradiation is a process of exposing the food to ionization to kill off pathogens and any insect larva. Gamma rays, X-rays or electron beams are used in this process. Such processes are considered safe and used by around 41 countries. Vegetables, meat, fish, wheat and spices are exposed to irradiation.

Did you find any of the facts above interesting enough? Did you know any of the above things? Well, many of them took me by surprise. Which was the one that you still cannot quite believe? Also, be free to add any facts that should be known to us. The comments section is all yours and is open for all the thoughts there can be. Stay connected for more such interesting facts and all the remedies that you might ever need in your life.