15 Hilarious Shower Curtains That Warrant A Second Look


Hilarious shower curtains-Many people do not like the prospect of showering every day but have to because of the protocols of a civilised society. If you are one of those who does not like to take a shower until it is necessary, here are 15 shower curtains that might make you enjoy a shower a bit more.

15 Hilarious shower curtains to cheer you up each morning

  1. Elephant On A Toilet

15 Hilarious Shower Curtains That Warrant A Second Look

Once you see this, you can’t un-see this elephant taking a dump on a toilet. But you should not mention this as it is not wise to address the elephant in the room.

  1. Bang!

This is a great one that would leave your guests laughing! You might have to explain it to some though!

  1. Sovereign Sloth

King Kong might have been named Sovereign Sloth if it had this sloth in the lead. But it is a bit dubious if the Sovereign Sloth would actually scale the Empire State Building or not.

  1. To-Do List

This To-do List shower curtain is a great way to keep track of how you are going to spend your days.

  1. You’re Wild, Thornberry

This guy certainly found the idea of showering in the company of a squid, a shark, and a piranha, quite hilarious to begin with.

  1. The Hidden Serial Killer

This one would definitely give your guests a scare the first time they visit your bathroom. Just make sure that you remember this is just a shower curtain, and not an actual murderer when are too hammered.

  1. Cat In The Shower

This is for all the cat-lovers in the house who would be quite proud of their choices in shower curtains.

  1. Peeking Space Cat

How cool is it to have a space cat spying on you? Might be a little cooler if you were not pooping though.

  1. Flying Space Cat

If you like the last one, here is another space cat to make your day every morning!

  1. Cowboy Cat

Not a fan of space cat? May I interest you in a cowboy cat who rides a horse?

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  1. The Bear & The Shark

If you like gory baths, this one is right up your alley.

  1. Aggressive Motivation

If you need the motivation to start the day, what better motivation than a giraffe riding on the back of a shark?

  1. He-Man-Child

If you have not outgrown your childhood yet, you will definitely love this laughing he-man in the shower.

  1. Intense Stares

If you love getting stared at while bathing, there can be nothing more wonderful for you. “Thank you and Shalom”.

  1. Hot Wife

If you have a hot partner, these clear curtains are the key to getting an eyeful. As they say, if you have it, you gotta flaunt it.