15 Incredible ways of Cheating during Examination


We all must have tried cheating during an examination once in our lifetime. Many of us had been caught while there were many people who were expert in this. But do you know that there are some people around the globe who has taken cheating methodology at a whole new level! These tricks are the most creative one which can be used to cheat with perfection. Have a look at these methods-

1) The tricky sleeve part-1

2) When you’re only allowed to use one notecard

3) Creative use of scientific calculator

4) Fake label

5) Hiding chits inside nails

6) Formulas on the pole across the street visible from the class window?

7) Great use of curls

8) I wonder what happens if the invigilator spots this ring

9) It is a new generation watch

10) Perfect nail art comprising the solutions of next exam

11) It is not only a juice pack

12) The tricky sleeve part-2

13) Helpful Bandage

14) Is it a shoe comprising periodic table?

15) Another fake label