Yes, you heard it right! There is a Turkish designing studio whose work is exceptional. This designer uses little toddlers drawing and transforms them into amazing jewellery. This Istanbul based Tasarim Takarim Studio encourages its clients to bring out their children’s drawing and promises to convert into beautiful jewellery so as to preserve their childhood memories. This studio was founded by two artists who graduated in art disciplines and possesses experience in lithography, etching and silk-screening.
“We believe that children’s art is the most important building block of the creativity. And appreciation of the children’s drawing is the best way to support them. We are applying the kids drawing to unique & precious jewellery every day with more love and joy,” says its official website as its vision.
Here are some of its beautiful masterpieces which in return gifted valuable memories to that family whose designs were used. Have a look-

1) Cute little footprint pendant

2) Lovely Kitty

3) First love- Family

4) This young artist portrays herself

5) My favourite cartoon character

6) Fusion of a caterpillar and a butterfly

7) It’s time to dance

8) Let preserve your childhood memories

9) I’m an owl

10) I’m a little, funky girl

11) I believe myself a cowboy

12) Beautiful princess with long hairs