Kina Shen- A girl possessing doll-like features


Kina Shen, a popular name known for her doll-like appearance is also known as the Chinese Porcelain Doll. She has gained much attention just because of her unique facial features. Many people say her pictures are badly photoshopped and it’s hard to believe that this 25-yr-old possess natural features which seems to be similar like a doll such as her big eyes, fancy doll-like hairs, even and radiant skin tone etc.
This gained a lot of attention and had created a huge list of her fans. That’s why she is being followed by more than half-a-million users from outside China also on her Instagram Profile.

As mentioned earlier, that due to her radiant skin, large eyes and fancy doll-like hairs she has been considered as Chinese Porcelain Doll.

She is a famous blogger in China who is gaining a lot of attention in West also due to her rare appearance.

People doubt her facial features. Many questions have been raised about her appearance whether they are natural or she had gone through any cosmetic surgery?

Several posts appeared to be over edited.

Earlier she used to live in Los Angeles but later on, she shifted back in China.

She joined Art Institute of California-Hollywood in 2011.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing Management.

She used these skills for accomplishing a successful career in modelling.

She has furthered completed her course for a Chinese fashion clothing brand called Ellassay.

She is a fashion icon and loves her choices.

“All this time I thought I was dark, but maybe I was wrong. I cannot stay away from darkness because it needs me. Because I am the light it craves, and needs. So maybe I am not cursed, but blessed with a dark kind of light,” she mentions in one of her captions.

Her another quote says, “You will be ‘too much’ for some people. Too loud, too soft. Too this, too that. But you’ll always be perfect for the people who need you”.

She is perfect in transforming her looks and styles for various shots.
Not only her dresses or makeups but she can also change her hairstyles too!
Here this cute little doll looks without makeup.