Amazing exercises for healthy body. A study says exercises make your body healthy and active throughout the day. Exercising on a daily routine helps controlling blood flow and tighten your muscles which helps in reducing injuries. Regular exercises take a few minutes from your precious time

Wall pose dog

Exercises for healthy body

Facing towards and 3 feet apart from a wall standstill. Your feet should be wide apart. Now, by placing your forearms and palms forward bend your waist slowly. Lower your upper torso until its parallel to the floor. Note: your legs should be straight while doing this. If you are doing this correctly, your body will make two ninety degree angles [between legs and upper body, between forearms and upper arms]. After holding on this position for some time return to the initial position.

Benefits: This exercise helps in improving self-confidence and increases your height. It also opens your hamstring.

Twisted child pose

Exercises for healthy body

Unroll a mat on the floor and sit on your knees such that your toes should be under your buttocks and hips more full than your hip-width apart.  Now slowly move your waist forward. After twisting your torso left side place your shoulders and your head on the ground.

With your palm facing upwards extend your arm upwards in front of you. Extend you’re right-wing over your head place your right palm on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and try another side.

Benefits: expanding your lung’s capacity it also aims to improve blood circulation in your body. It helps you to remain active and energetic throughout the day by opening your tiny muscles and increasing your joint flexibility.

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Side neck stretch

Exercises for healthy body

Sit with your legs crossed and your spine straight. Now open your right palm and extend your right arm side as if you are pushing an imaginary wall with your right palm. Now lower your head to the left until you feel fully stretched. Push your head downwards gently by placing your left arm on your head. Hold this position for some time and try by doing it on another side.

Benefits: doing this exercise daily will help you in providing strength to your muscles especially to arm and neck muscles.

Camel Bridge

Exercises for healthy body

To do this exercise, lay on the ground on your knees making a position where your hips are apart and your feet curved. Now you have to pick your buttocks ups and down for around 60 seconds. This exercise will help in decreasing back pain. Also, this stretches your hips.

Side-lying quad stretch

Exercises for healthy body

In this, you have to lay down on your either side right or left for instance on the left back side as shown in the picture with the left hand supporting your head on it and right hand holding your right leg. Hold this position for around 30 seconds and then take rest and do the same for another side as well. It is the best exercise if you are suffering from knee pain.

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Half Moon Pose

Stand on your feet falling apart from each other and now slowly bend toward the floor and place your left arm on the floor and slowly balance on your left leg and left arm raising your right leg in the air. Raise your leg that much until it comes in a position where it is parallel to the floor. Balance yourself in this position for around 30seconds and then repeat it for the other leg. This exercise will strengthen your spine, knees and of course your back.