Perfectly timed photos-What makes a photograph perfect? Well, there are so many factors that come into play while capturing an ideal shot. Photographers may take as much as six years for that unique photo. But then there are those who are blessed with their luck. From camera settings to the location and the timing, it takes a lot of perfection into a perfect frame.

Sometimes, we unknowingly click a shot and find later that we have captured a unique photograph. Check out 20+ unique pictures submitted by Redditors that required perfect timing.

1. Fly With Me

20+ perfectly timed photos

People are fascinated by planes flying over them. However, this photograph is overwhelming. The plane is only a few feet high. A perfect shot.

2.  Hi, I’m Humpy!

20+ perfectly timed photos

This photograph of a humpback whale is just perfect. It was very close to the boat and jumping around it. Such clicks need superb timing.

3. Crystal Clear

20+ perfectly timed photos

I bet you have not seen any ocean as clear as this. It looks like the boat is floating in the air. You need to be at the perfect place, time and angle to capture such beautiful effects.

4. Hey, Whatcha Watching?

20+ perfectly timed photos

Have you ever seen a girl and a gorilla watch something on a smartphone? Look how keenly the gorilla is observing!

5. Namastē!

20+ perfectly timed photos

This photo is of a colourful squirrel captured by a Redditor in Kerala, India. The squirrel can be seen as holding hands as if welcoming you with a namastē.

6. I Don’t want a Retirement!

20+ perfectly timed photos

This service dog kinda knew that it was his retirement day. ‘He always enjoyed a piece of cake in their break time’, say the police officers. The man behind the camera took out his camera and captured this adorable moment.

7. That’s Mine

20+ perfectly timed photos

Usually, they avoid people, but sometimes, seagulls like to play with the people around them. This seagull snatched the cap right off the man’s head, and he did not seem to have the slightest clue.

8. Whoof Meow!

20+ perfectly timed photos

We all know that dogs are energetic and cats seem grumpy. This perfect;y-timed photograph speaks for itself. The dog is happy while the cat seems disinterested.

9. Thunderstruck!

20+ perfectly timed photos

It is not easy to capture a lightning bolt. And it is certainly difficult to capture lightning striking a tree. Thank god, that it was away from the photographer.

10. It’s Not A Problem.

20+ perfectly timed photos

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time without prior notice. It takes courage and some soothing words to calm down in difficult situations. This photographer shot the fire and the truck’s saying at the right time.

11. Thumbelina!

20+ perfectly timed photos

It’s a girl’s dream to live a fairyland life, where birds and Stardust are all around. This Redditor posted a picture of herself with a pretty bird. She wrote,” Been dreaming of this moment since Belle and Snow White showed me how it’s done.”

12. The Mighty One!

20+ perfectly timed photos

This photograph was taken by a wildlife photographer. It needs a lot of patience to capture such a wonderful shot.

13. Marge?

20+ perfectly timed photos

This is a wonderful picture of Homer Simpson staring out from the television onto his wife, Marge who can be seen painted on the truck outside the window. This is a remarkable coincidence.

14. Ying-Yang!

20+ perfectly timed photos

It is quite rare to see a black and a brown bear together. This incredible shot captures two different colored bears interacting with each other.

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15. I’m Coming.

This photograph captured a perfect moment of the human-nature harmony. This bird flew away from the smiling person’s hand and sat on the head of the photographer.

16. Wait For Me.

The best family photographs are those where someone isn’t prepared for the photo. This Reddit user uploaded his family photo. His father set the time and ran towards the group. Bad timing as well as good timing.

17. I’m A Moose.

The cat happened to sit in the perfect position to allow this Redditor to capture his cat in an elegant and royal pose.

18. Touch!

 Our eyes cannot see what happens to a bubble as we pop it as it happens so quickly that our eyes cannot perceive it. To capture such a breathtaking photograph, this photographer needed a high-speed camera and perfect timing.

19. Prince Uncharming.

This Redditor was able to get a picture of a frog jumping away and leaving away some goop on the rock. Unfortunately, no one will kiss this little frog.

20. Anaconda-Birds!

This incredible photograph of a mother feeding her chick is quite popular. The photographer was able to capture this rare and emotional moment at the right time.

21. Senorita, You Smell Nice.

How often are we able to capture something in the perfect lighting? This photographer woke up and found two cats in their courtship, and quickly took his camera to capture their silhouette.

22. The Storks.

It appears that the stork brought the baby from heaven right into the hands of its parents. Some photographs are so well-timed that they bring out the very dreamland out.

23. Get Off My Kids!

Elephants are powerful animals, and when it comes to defending their calves, they can be quite fierce. This photograph is unique and shows the power of a mother.

24. Fluffball.

It appears that it is a stuffed animal or a furry toy. But this is a dog in mid-air. The photographer captured this dog as it jumped. It looks like Fluffball has no legs.