Space saving ideas for your apartment-We all like to have our little space where we get a sense of freedom. You are the king/queen of your apartment where you can do whatever you like and whenever you want.

However, living in an apartment, especially in the beginning, when you are building your career, poses its challenges. You have to live in a tiny apartment, and it’s not easy to manage your stuff correctly. All the extra stuff adds trouble into the already clogged spaces. Sometimes, it can be very annoying when you can’t find anything that you need. But, some simple tips can save you a lot of space and help you organize your stuff. Check out these 15 DIYs to help you manage your apartment space:

1. Toothbrush Holder

15 apartment space saving ideas

Make small cuts in your bathroom cupboards and hang your toothbrushes on them. It will save you space as well as money.

2. Top-Fix The Jars

15 apartment space saving ideas

Fix the metal lids of your jars to the ceiling of the cupboards. This utilizes the top space of a shelf which will otherwise go waste. Also, you don’t need two hands to open the lid of the jars. Just twist the glass jar, and it will open.

3. Jewelry Organiser

15 apartment space saving ideas

Organizing jewelry is not an easy task. They often get jumbled, and it becomes almost impossible to untangle them. Install some pins and hoops to your cabinet and hang your jewelry onto these.

4. Magnetic Plate For Freezer

15 apartment space saving ideas

You certainly cannot nail anything to your freezer. However, you can attach a strong magnetic plate onto the top of the fridge. This way, you can hang the containers with metallic lids, and utilize the space. Get ready to impress your party fellas.

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5. PVC Pipes For The Tools In Your Garage

15 apartment space saving ideas

If you have a lot of tools in your garage and it becomes hard to manage them, you will love this tip of organizing your tools. Cut small sections of PVC pipes and nail them to the walls. This way, the tools won’t fall off or get mixed with each other, saving you a lot of time as well.

6. Velcro Tape For Your Consoles

15 apartment space saving ideas

You feel a rush to play games, and then you can’t find your consoles. Then, you see that you had been sitting on them, or they have gone under the couch or the bed. Finally, when you try to use them, you find that they don’t work. This situation can be quite frustrating. If you want to avoid such a thing from happening, attach a velcro tape to a side of your cupboard and the consoles. This way you will always be able to grab one whenever you need to without spending some time in finding them.

7. Knife Holder

15 apartment space saving ideas

Why buy an expensive knife stand when you can make one from scratch? Stack the old reed-diffusers in a can and slide the knives into it. This is a simple stand and can hold more knives than those in the market.

8. Bobby-Pins Holder

 15 apartment space saving ideas

Attach magnetic tape to your closet door, and that’s it. Never lose your pins again.

9. Double Hanger

Now you can stack more hangers in your closet with this soda-tab trick.

10. Chicken Wire For Your Collection

Create a masterpiece frame with chicken wire. Hang all your earrings on it. This will create a beautiful display, and you can save space as well as use them whenever needed.

11. A Carabiner For Your Rubber Bands

Use a cheap carabiner to keep all your rubber bands together. Never lose those bands now.

12. Plastic Pouches

Keep all your bathroom stuff into these plastic pouches. This helps in organizing any stuff that can fit in the bags like shoes or makeup.

13. Metallic Hooks For Camisoles

This trick is perhaps the best way to hang your camisoles and things alike.

14. CD Racks For Your Kitchen Drawers

Insert the old CD racks into the kitchen cabinets and stack all the lids on them. This will help you organize the containers efficiently.

15. Sticky Hooks For Anything

These strong adhesive hooks can be used to hang any stuff. Keys, containers, kitchen tools, clothes; you name it!