12 Must carry items for your memorable travel

12 Things you should carry with on your trip-Are you thinking of a holiday? Be it your trip to the mountains, plateaus or beaches; there are some essential vacation items that you often forget to carry along. Packing for your holiday is seriously a huge task. You don’t want to run around buying your definite things while traveling, and spoil all your mood, right? Won’t it be all the safer and cheaper to put the right stuff into your luggage? That’s a yes!

Read below to check how many of these items you remember to put into your bags while going out on your trip.

#1 Adaptor

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

A compatible socket for the proper charging of your electronic devices is a must-have during all your travel moods. It is highly recommended that you study the hotel thoroughly before you rush into it and check the kind of charging points used in the place. So, even if the socket doesn’t support your appliance, you can connect an adapter which is quite handy and works well with your systems. This can save you from the mess of running around with your smartphone, laptop or camera battery for fuelling up the power.

#2 Battery booster

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

You never know when your phone battery drains out and signals you red. Therefore, it is always better to have a backup plan with you. Don’t forget to miss out on your power bank during your journey. A lot of power gets consumed as you use your phone day in and day out. And, it is not necessary that you find a charging point everywhere. Think about a situation where you are camping up in the mountaintops. You don’t want to tire yourself with the battery trouble, right? A well-charged battery booster or a phone cover with an attached battery can come to your rescue.

#3 Darker shade Foundation

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

Your beauty products could be the most priceless possessions you have. So much so that they become hard to resist even while tripping. Howbeit, be careful not to meddle up with your choices for your journey to a warmer place. It is possible that you may catch the tan while journeying, and the foundation you carry doesn’t go well to hide the same. Hence, keep a pack of your dark tone foundation along with you for the safe side. Later, you can select among the light and dark shades according to the need of the hour.

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#4 Foldable bags

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

You surely won’t leave behind some of the souvenirs and stuff you laid a hand on during your short but breakthrough shopping spree. Instead of dumping all the things into one bag on your return, carry a spare with you or a foldable bag that promises you more space. Even though you have let both your hands carry the weight, it is much better than giving all the trouble to your one hand and breaking your bones.

#5 Full-length clothing

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

You might think it quite a fashion to show off your skin while partying out of town. Ever felt the need of your clothes that cover you completely? No? Then it’s high time that you should. Not all, but at least a few pairs of such garments would not only ward off unnecessary sunburns and tans but save you from the deadly mosquitoes if any in that area. You won’t fancy yourself to be bedridden after a sick tour, right? Thus, never avoid such trousers, skirts, and shirts even if you are heading to a warmer climate.

#6 Hand sanitizer

12 Things you should carry with on your trip

It might be difficult to run for a hand-wash or water supply everywhere you travel. And, such unhealthy habits before your sleep or meal can get you down with infections and bodily weakness. To prevent these uneasy panic attacks, it would be a good-go to stick to your healthy norms. Be it in eating fit or drinking pure bottled water, opt to remain on the safer side. Furthermore, your hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and antiseptic gels can protect you from lingering risks.

#7 Mint

Things you should carry with on your trip

Perhaps, you may be suffering from traveling sickness. Most of the time, such abrupt changes in climate, food, and dehydration can leave you with a watery palate, or more, a bad breath. To prevent such mishappenings and brighten up your taste as well as refreshing your breath, a few doses of mints can work in your favor. Don’t give these tabs a miss.

#8 Pen and notebook

pen and notebook

A paper and pen is not just a writer’s friend, but can also be your companion during your tripping days. You might need your notebook and writing tools while filling up your arrival details and feedback at your hotel. It can save you from awkward moments of borrowing or search for those materials. Further, you can use them as instruments to convey your message when landing up in an unknown place with a new language.

#9 Pyjamas


You don’t want to sleep in tight fitted clothes even in your vacation hotel, isn’t it? It is better for you to carry your comfortable piece of warm pajamas with you. This way you can sleep cozy and wake up feeling more rich and relaxed. It could also be a dilemma if the hotel you choose to stay doesn’t provide you with any blankets or sheets for your cover. Your all-night pajamas can afford you a good night’s sleep in such cases.

#10 Raincoat


Who doesn’t love to soak themselves in the rain and feel those droplets trickling down? However, it won’t be a great thought while vacating. You might not enjoy the constant shivering and sneezes that could come as an aftereffect of your drenched shower. And if you love to see the rain and refrain from stepping out, then it can turn out boring and a day gets wasted from your schedule. Imagine how easy it would be if you carry your raincoat along. You can still be all wet if you have your umbrella since it can rain down in all directions. But a good raincoat saves you from all the fix. Let your soul delight in the beauty of the rains and greens, while you explore your heart out.

#11 Socks


Whether you are traveling by road or rail or air, make sure you keep your pocket-friendly pair of socks with you. It is one thing that should be present in your handbag. You wish to travel in your relax mode. Remove those shoes and sneakers and pull your socks on. Not only would it save you from the cool breeze, but also prevent your feet from getting dirty.

#12 Ziplock


Do you ask why ziplock bags are indispensable? It is because they are airtight and you can store anything and everything inside them. You want your food to stay fresh? Grab a ziplock cover. It can act as a true packing for your electrical items as well on rainy days. Such kind of bags keep your belongings dust-free and evade moisture. It can, moreover, beat your conventional plastic packages in durability and elasticity.

Now that you have grasped the essence of these small things that you often ignore, you might want to reconsider your packing techniques. Go ahead, coz’ it’s tripping!