26 Illustrations by Alice De Ste Croix when she was undergoing Depression


The famous artist named Alice De Ste Croix famously known as Destiny Blue started her career in art in 2004. Her art usually depicts deep meanings. It might be seen colorful, but when you take a closer look at these, you will understand the real emotions behind this and what this art is portraying.

Her vivid imagination allows her to express herself using unique character and themes with messages in them. She has been very popular since 2004. Her fans usually call her by the name blue. She uses Photoshop CS6 to do her work. Nobody has taught her anything. She learned everything by herself. Such a great artist she is. But there was a phase in her life when she was undergoing depression, and at that time she made some of the art which depicts some useful meaning. Let us take a look at some of these and tell me in the comment section which is your favorite one.

1 You are depressed inside, but from outside you are okay.

2 It was forever but now its over.

3 There is always a little hope to grow again

4 She is completely broken from inside.

5 Friends never make you feel alone

6 When you feel stiffed socially, and you are suffering from anxiety

7 Depth of my love

8 You gave the key of your soul to someone whom you can trust, and then they broke your trust

9 You hide your pain inside you and still manage to smile


10 If tears left a mark

11 Schools seem to be cage for her

12 I am incredibly involved to understand

13 No effect of a bullet on me. Fully bulletproof

14 You cannot leave a mark on me

15 You need to be bound by anything. Stay free

16 Warpaint

17 I am the master of my heart.


18 I am not solo

19 Be with me always

20 I have destroyed everything

21 My soul is shattered

22 My all pieces are lost, and the last one is left.

23 My heart is like a mirror for you. You can read it thoroughly.

24 My heart is golden and pure

25 Use and paint your wings to fly

26 I should not see this

All illustrations stated above really do have a deep meaning. So take a look carefully at each one of these.