Common eyebrow mistakes-Eyebrows have become beauty obsession of the decade. Eyebrows give an outline to your entire face, most importantly your eyes. Look at Kardashians; Eyebrows are more about power and self-definition. Trends in eyebrows keep on changing, from Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn; eyebrows have been shaped in many ways. To follow the current style, many women nowadays, mess up with their brows and end up making the following five most common mistakes:-

5 Eyebrow mistakes you need to avoid

1.  Over widening the eyebrow gap

5 Eyebrow mistakes you need to avoid

As they say, eyebrows can make or break a face. Very often, when people are taking care of a unibrow or some extra shaggy ends at the very beginning of the brow, they end up plucking out a lot more hair which in the end looks unnatural and plain wrong.

Fix: Try holding a thin makeup brush or pencil and align it vertically with the edge of the inner tear duct. This is the point up to which your eyebrow should be done.

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2. Matching your eyebrow color to your hair color exactly

This is a dilemma faced by women who color their hair. If you paint your hair burgundy, then you buy a brand new eyebrow color pencil of the same color. You bleach your hair; then you feel like that you need to get rid of the natural color of your brows as well. But ladies, this is not at all true. To look good, you never need to match your hair and eyebrow shades!

Fix: Whenever you want to dye your hair, picking up a pencil with a slight tint that goes with your hair color is the best bet. For blondes, one can opt to go several shades darker, and that looks way natural.

3. Ignoring the natural arch

Women just love the high arches of the eyebrows, and for that, they go for maintaining it through all the artificial means possible, which in turn looks ultra dramatic. Everyone has a slight natural arch along the top edge. Trimming or plucking your brows in rounded or straight lines keeps that dome hidden.

Fix: When doing your brows, match the bottom edge with the top arch, try shaping its opposite side.

4.  Sparsely haired brows

Some women out there are blessed with thicker and fuller eyebrows; while some other women in distress go for eyebrow pencils, one and only savior. Sparse hair shows the skin underneath and make your features less attractive and sometimes messy as well.

Fix: Fill up your eyebrows with the shade that matches your brow hair ( take help of the beauticians at the store). Go all smooth and slow with the pencil, keeping it as natural as possible, so that people notice the change, but not a drastic change. Then you are all good to go.

5.  Over-tweezing the top edge

Professional artists have a basic rule; they never will tweeze the upper edge of your brows as this spoils the natural arch of the eyebrow.

Fix: If you ever want to tame it, get your eyebrows waxed or threaded by the professional. Even if you’re going to tweeze, then tweeze it under the brow.

So girls, try not to go for any of the practices mentioned above. Rest you may do whatever you want to do and grow beautiful and graceful brows.