Best makeup tips-In today’s time, we ladies keep on looking for shortcuts to everything. The most time-consuming job as most husbands or boyfriends think is applying makeup. What if, we had magic tricks to lessen the time taken for applying makeup as well? It’ll be a dream come true. So, hold your breath and read through.

Here are the 7 best makeup tips you need to know

1.  Instantly contour your face by swiping a number 3 over your cheeks. And you are done contouring! But, don’t forget to blend in ladies.

Here are the 7 best makeup tips you need to know

2. Perfect your two-minute cut crease by blending your eyeshadow over a spoon

3. Confused on how to use 3 shaded palettes? We have the solution: look at the image just below and you are done!

4. Save time doing your brows by not over plucking them

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5. Get a perfect Cupid’s bow- and a perfect line of color all around the edges of your lips- by using a lip liner to make an ‘x’ on your upper lip.

6. Concealer hack- Don’t blend it immediately after applying it, do wait for 5 minutes in order to set it properly and nicely into your skin.

7. Last but not the least, make sure to apply your under-eye concealer in a triangle shape — it disguises any dark circles really easily.

These will save a lot of time and are pretty easy to do as well. Follow these and girls, I bet, your life is sorted.