15 Excellent Eyeliner Tricks To Save Your Day


15 Excellent Eyeliner Tricks- I don’t know about you but every time I see some big celebrities and supermodels at those red carpet events (on TV of course) and I’m just left staring at their makeup stunned, like how is that level of stunning mastery is even possible? And I’m not also talking about the whole contouring, highlighting sorcery, this is me just reacting to their eye-makeup in all my disbelief.

But all that makes sense, considering the make-up artists and products that perform that magic. It goes without saying that we don’t have that. However, don’t let that keep you from slaying with beautiful eyes all day long. How do you ask? That is what we are here for. We bring some of the life-changing eye-liner hacks for you that you neither need high-end makeup or personal artists for.

Here you go.

Here are the15 Excellent Eyeliner Tricks

1. What’s Your Type?

15 Excellent Eyeliner Tricks

There are just so many brands coming up with so many different products; it can get a bit confusing. Let’s break it down into these three types of liners – pencil, gel or liquid. Use your instinct, and if you can, some trial and error to realize what kind of liner suits you and is most convenient for you to work with. You may even need different ones to create different looks, it all just depends on what and how you want to use these products.

2. Dab And Connect

To apply the perfect liner, just dab your liner along the path you want, and then with connect them to get the classic line.

3. No Tugging

While applying your liner, try not to pull the side of your eye as tempting as it might feel. It extends your skin, and even though it may look like you’re drawing it correctly, the liner will end up looking slanted when you leave it.

4. Know Your Eye Shape

Your eye shape has a lot to do with the eye-liner style you should pick. Above is a general guide to help you out according to your eye shape.

5. Follow Along

Follow along with the shape you need in your eye, creating an outline, then just fill it in.

6. Calm And Stable

Shaky hands are the last thing you need when you’re applying your liner. To get that stability, rest your pinky finger on your cheek and work your magic.

7. Business Card Hack

Use a business card for a sharp and crisp winged liner.

8. No Shadow-Smokey Eye

You don’t always need bazillion colors from your shadow palette to create a dramatic smokey eye. Just use your eyeliner pencil, then take a smirch brush and smear the line out!

9. Clear Tape Trick

A famous trick in the eyeliner game. Use them for proper well-defined liner application. It is easy as it gets.

10. Rainbow Eyes

It’s refreshing to just leave your black liner once in a while and go for more vibrant colors to sand put from the crown. You can even pick a combination of well-paired colors and shine brighter than the rest.

11. Play With The Shade

If you get tired of the mundane every once in a while but don’t want to invest in new cool looking eyeliners, just play with the colors, depth, texture by applying your eyeshadow over the liner.

12. Wide Eyed Frenzy

Make your eyes look bigger and brighter by blurring your pencil/gel eyeliner.