Weird football stadiums-Football is a favorite sport nowadays, and people are taking an interest in this game. Just like cricket football also has some beautiful stadiums in the world where football matches take place. Stadiums have start building since the fifth century BC. But their names were like Thebes, Olympia etc. In this article, there is a list of some weird stadiums in the world.

1 Eidi stadium, Denmark

5 weird football stadiums in the world


This beautiful and fantastic stadium was built in 1942. The funny thing is that you cannot kick the ball so hard that it goes into the water as you can see the Atlantic ocean surrounds it, and hence it looks pretty sweet. The matches in this stadium are held mostly summer, and around ten teams participate in the tournament, and it is held on a large scale.

2 Meshchersky park, Russia

5 weird football stadiums in the world


This park has an impressive football stadium which is surrounded by hills and mountains. And it has incredible weather. It is located in Moscow. It was abandoned in 2005, and then it took almost ten years for full construction and all process. Now it has converted into a beautiful stadium where you can hear the sounds of birds and feel nature completely.

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3 Adidas Futsal Park, Japan

5 weird football stadiums in the world

It is built upon the shopping center and it looks beautiful, and it is most famous for professional matches and tournaments in which various famous teams participate and play. It is located in Tokyo. The tournament named beer cup or beer mug is held in this stadium, and the central part of this tournament is to drink beer before the match and to drink beer after the game. And this is awesome, and hence these are some of the reasons why this stadium is famous.

4 Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium, Switzerland

5 weird football stadiums in the world

It is located near a village which has around accommodation of 600 people and it is surrounded by mountains which are called gypson. It is situated above sea level and is located in Europe. As it is situated above the sea level, their team players are fully trained, and hence when they play with other teams, they are better than them, and therefore this gets them a plus point.

5 Estadio Silvestre Carillo, Spain

5 weird football stadiums in the world


Another famous football stadium is a famous stadium in Spain. It is a massive stadium, and its capacity is enormous. The name of the stadium is after his founder. This stadium was first constructed in 1924 and when the 20th century begin reconstruction has taken place to make it larger and a better stadium.