6 Best Time Saving Computer Hacks We Wish To Learn


Computer Hacks-Well, till now we have known that we can operate a computer user and keyboard. Today we will tell you one more way, and that is the person who would like talking to Siri. We do not know that what is your category to work into but then we cannot deny the use of shortcuts and the hacks that will reveal about the unknown possibilities that can happen at any time that your computer would always have. It would improve your everyday experience that can even boost up the productivity and security. Here we are with computer hacks that would be helpful for anyone in their routine work of the business.

Ctrl + T help to open the new tab

6 Best Time Saving Computer Hacks We Wish To Learn

When it is time to work on the PC, then web browser acts as the number one tool and your first action to perform is to open a new tab. You have to play the same countless times in one day. Do not present it manually with the help of mouse because we have a trick to achieve it with the keyboard by pressing Ctrl and the letter T. The key shortcut would help to open the new tab. For the MacBook user, you need to press command instead of ctrl.

Before going to the PC expert ask your Google for a particular problem

Most of the cases introduce IT problems, and you can quickly resolve them by following these steps. People even get panic even if there is a wrong problem. And hence in a hurry, they move to the PC expert as soon as possible. You need to remember first to cool down yourself. Slow our hands to panic. Type the problem that you face in the Google search bar and then read the instructions as per requirement. Same are the steps that the PC expert follows, and he will even earn money through the process. Thus always remember t be calm in every situation.

Google search is best for currency conversion. Do not go for using a calculator.

Well, nobody should search for a calculator because the high-speed technology is around them these days. Now the question arises when you are there to travel abroad, but you don’t know how much you need to carry there. Google can help you with it. You need to see the exchange of money and currency of another country. And Google is the best source to help you out. It is the best way you can learn.

Computer hacks for better charging of your laptop battery by putting it on airplane mode

When the computer is on the airplane mode, then that means Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features are not enabled. Thus it reduces the pressure on your battery, and it can get charged in a better and faster way. The functioning of the battery will we will better than usual. You always expect to see the battery could get charged ten to fifteen minutes earlier than the typical time it takes.

Download any image on your PC by pressing Alt and the left click on the icon.

Well, most of us use the right-click and then choose to save option to save the image. But here we are with one trick for you. You need a simple click of the Alt button along with the left click. It will save the image in the download folder of the computer. In the case of Mac Book, press control button instead of Alt button and perform the same action by left click. It would display a menu of the drop-down list, and you can do whatever you want.

“f.lux” is helpful to adjust the brightness of the computer according to the surroundings

Many of us work on the computer from various environments, and you need to know how hard it is to work in a dark place with a bright screen. Well, you need to adjust the brightness by yourself again and again. But don’t worry because f.lux can help you with this small issue. It would automatically adjust the intensity of the computer screen by itself. It all depends upon the environment you are. It is the best solution if you have to work in night shift mode. It will provide great satisfaction.