Step By Step Tutorial To Get Vintage Eye Makeup From The 60’s


60’s eye makeup-Makeup is a women’s asset. It is not meant to conceal her but to beautify her skin. From time immemorial, it has been used to add charm and quality to the personality you hold. Every day some new trend pops up with more original makeup ideas and tips, but if the olden day’s eye makeup styles excite you, then you are very close to how to work it out. Let’s have a look at the four-step tutorial and rejuvenate the old memories of great actresses we see in movies.

Things That You Require To Do 60’s eye makeup


1.Select A Good Quality Eyeliner

60's eye makeup

The eyeliner you use matters a lot. Since your eyes are one of those sensitive organs of your body, you ought to take care of it. Get yourself a good quality eyeliner and keep it handy.


2. The Eye Shadow Kit

This includes your multi-shade eyeshadow, Q-tips, mascara, and primer. Keep it with you whenever you are out for any party or any outings.




  1. The Dramatic Look

Try out this fantastic style which had been quite famous in the 60s. Follow the given tutorial which steps by step explains the application of this antique eyeliner. You may fill in the gap with an attractive eyeshadow shade.


2. The Lighter Shade

The light shade of your eyeshadow as the base coat can be used to give a startling look to your makeover.


3. The Darker Shades Outwards

The darker shades can be used to define your eyes. Get lighter as you move inside.


4. Blend It Well!

This is the final step to your perfect 60’s eye makeup to get catchy and well-defined eyes. Use a brush to mix the eyeshadow with the eyeliner and remove any fine line between them. Get flawless looking eyes in a few minutes.