7 Insanely Best Tricks That Brings Furniture Back To Life


Give fresh look to old furniture-Well, nobody has techniques to reduce the number of growing waste products annually. It is not a secret to hide from someone, but it is the stream of the discarded furniture which has reached the amount of 9 million tons in one year. Also, it is only the office furniture, and if you want to help out the waste, then you must get to know some tricks to give a chance to a new life.

We always believe that the old cannot never get redecorated and here we are to share the tips to say how can you bring some fresh looks into the house designing.

How to give fresh look to furniture?

To remove the oil spills from the fabric.

7 Best tips to give fresh look to old furniture

Well, it seems to be the most challenging task at home to remove the oil spills from the fabric. Spills get due to the normal activities by human beings. In the household, it can be due to pets who move from here and there. And hence the most significant sacrifice by them becomes the fabric on the furniture. But do not worry because here we are with tips to remove the stains.

You will need, a piece of chalk to rub on the fabric. It is because the chalk is the good absorbent of oil and grease. Let it soak the oil. Now remove the chalk with the help of a wet cloth. Now let the air from fabric dry.

The problem to clean the damaged floor and the wooden furniture.

Well, it is another biggest problem that might have ever faced in your day to day life. But for the cleaning purpose, we will recommend you to go for having 1/4 cup of the oil, a clean cloth, and 3/4 cup of the vinegar. Mix both the ingredients properly and then later apply it on the affected area. Now wipe down the damaged wood so that the forest appears to be the new one. Now cover the area with the help of paint that you wanted to apply. It will sit in a better way.

to remove the rust spots from the metal

The trick to removing rust is good for the metal piece, wood, and the knife. For the method, you need to soak the parts that you want to clean up in the lemon juice for around five to ten minutes. Now you can scrub the rusty spot with the help of the scouring pad.

To apply the wet leather to give the sofa a new look and bring it back to life.

Well, you need to pick up the liquid leather from Amazon or eBay so that it will apply on the cracks to fill them and give fresh look to old furniture. The old couch and the old leather. Hence you will not require to change the whole furniture to the new one.

Simple walnut tricks to remove the scratches

The wooden furniture and the surfaces are quickly prone to the scratches, and hence in many different situations, the cleaning becomes inconvenient. We always try to gain the old look back. And therefore we are here with the trick for you. You need a peeled walnut for the purpose. Take a half walnut and then rub it along the scratch for several numbers of times. Let the surface soak it for a few minutes and then polish the surface with a cleaning cloth.

Tile down the old table to give a fresh look.

Well, you must have got rid of the old looks of the table and hence we will give you the preference to use glue to decorate it with the tiles. Pick the proper way to design the tabletop so that it will match the interior or even pick something neutral so that you can use a table for a longer time. Also, the tiles are heat and stain-resistant.

Cover the damaged surface with the chalkboard paint

If in your house you have small children then your house is full of the drawing boards. You need to pick up a can of the chalkboard paint and draw something of the scratched base of the table. It turns surface black and washable.