7 Best Trending Myths About The Food Items That Are Not True


Myths about food-Pay attention to your health first. You will find healthy diet restrictions appearing every day. But do you think that if all of them work or not? Here we have tried to find out the information regarding certain food items which have turned into the myths. Follow them in accordance to the scientific point of view.

Do not drink coffee after 12 pm so that you can get better sleep at night time.

The effect of caffeine mainly depends upon the individual. It is all by the working of the genes CYP1A2 which is primarily responsible for the metabolism of caffeine. The amount of the enzymes due to production by the genes, we divide them into three categories. These categories are as high, regular, and low sensitivity to the caffeine.

7 myths about food that you should not believe

The biggest group is of the regular category. Nobody will recommend you for drinking coffee six or the fewer hours before you go to bed. People who are highly sensitive might even have insomnia also if they take a cup of coffee in the morning time. If you have fallen in the third category, then you can go for drinking before bedtime, and it would not even affect your sleep at all.

We will have to eat superfruits enriched with the antioxidants so that you can cope up with the free radicals.

Plants are all exposed to the oxidative agents, and hence they possess anti-oxidant properties. Well, the test for the anti-oxidants gets conducted in the laboratories. If you want to evaluate the impact of the oxidative agents on human beings, you must do in the Vivo studies. There is a number of plants rich in the antioxidants, but it might be difficult to say whether they might be useful for us or not.

The carbon dioxide contained in the drinks usually cause gastritis and also lead to many another gastrointestinal tract diseases which leads to the destruction of bones.

This is one of the myths about food. Carbon dioxides do not affect the digestive tract, but also it relieves about the painful symptoms like constipation and dyspepsia. Also, the studies have not yet revealed the link between carbonated water and osteoporosis. The negative results were out from the people who drunk soda. Thus the fact shows that something is wrong with sugar and orthophosphoric acid and there is nothing about the carbonation. Hence never feel afraid of drinking the carbonated water. Also, water helps you to lose weight as it makes you feel full always.

Our body generally accumulates the toxins and also it needs detoxing.

Well, the group of people went to conduct the evidence by contacting fifteen different manufactures regarding popular detox products. It was to find out the meaning of detox. No one was able to answer the questions subjected by the people. And hence it was out that the detox claim was the marketing trick for them. Therefore it was out that the average body of human beings do not need any product so that they can clean out the toxins ever.

Table salt acts as the poison for the human body, and hence you must replace it with the beautiful exotic spice.

Well, we have always listened to the fact that we should replace the regular with the sea, black, Himalaya, and many more. But in actual, the difference between them is very less, and we have to consume a considerable amount of salt to get its full benefit. The primary difference is the presence of iodine and in that regular salt wins. And the table salt in actual is artificially iodized. And according to the results by WHO, it was out that 1/3 of the total population insufficient iodine.

Also, if you have no home in the coastal area then also you will not experience the deficiency of iodine. And do you still think to quit the regular table salt?

Processed and the red meat causes bowel cancer, and hence we should not eat it.

Even if the red meat goes under thermal processing then also we do not consider it to be processed one. Hence the term applies best for the long-term storage meat products. Doctors never recommend you to eat more than 2.5 oz of the red meat in one day.