8 most common eyebrow mistakes to be avoided


Eyebrow mistakes should be avoided-After going through all that pain to get our eyebrows in shape, not getting them right is a total shame. But many times, to get them right, we commit some mistakes which if taken care of from the start, will yield beautiful results. Have a look at most common mistakes we make while styling our eyebrows

Eyebrow mistakes should be avoided

1. Right colour shade

Choosing the right shade of colour is very important. Many times we commit the error of selecting shades much darker than our complexion and hair. Choose colours that are one or two shades lighter than your hair colour. This will make the eyebrows more pronounced and beautiful.

2. Going too bold on eyebrow fill-ups

Many times while filling up our eyebrows or while using brow products, we tend to get a little bit heavy-handed and end up using them a lot, which isn’t needed. Keep your hand and strokes light and just fill in the gaps of the eyebrows to give them a complete look. This will make your eyebrows look more elegant.

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3. Squaring off your eyebrows

If you’re trying to go after a softer look, then Squaring off the eyebrows at the start is not the answer. Do a little bit of shading at the beginning of the eyebrows and then even it out to the rest of the brow. This gives the forehead a better look than Squaring them off.

4. Eyebrow plucking problems

Do you have a habit of plucking your browser before showering? Then you got a stop! We all know that tweezers hurt, a lot. But if you pluck brows after showering, that might help. This is because water softens the pores of your hair,  which makes it less painful to pluck your brows.

Another one!

Are you plucking your eyebrows correctly? While plucking,  make sure to do it in the right direction, that is, the direction in which the hair Is growing. It makes it less painful and easier to get over with.

5. Over highlighting the brow bone

Many of us make the mistake of over highlighting our brow bone with a frosty colour.  Instead of that,  take a brush and apply concealer or eyeshadow colour 1 or 2 shades lighter than your complexion. Make sure you blend it well. This gives a cleaner look and highlights your brows.

6. Wrong arch and end of the eyebrows

Are you drawing the arch of your brows wrongly? To get it right,  draw an imaginary line across from the side of your nose to your pupil. This helps in understanding the measurement right. Also to get the measurement of your brows ends right,  draw an imaginary line diagonally from the side of your nose to the outreach outline of your eye. This will help determine the perfect length which should be given to your brows. Nor too long, neither too short.

7. Unkempt brow hair

Sometimes we tend to get lazy and ignore the growing length of our brow hairs. Keeping them trimmed properly helps in maintaining the shape of your eyebrows for a longer time.

8. Direction of the tail of your brows

Are you drawing the tail of your brows way too downwards? Then don’t!  This makes your eyes and face look sad and droopy. Keep the tail a bit lifted, which in turn will give the face a lifted and elegant look.

World-famous makeup artist TINA YONG has given all these tips. For more such tips, watch her videos on YouTube on her channel with her name. Till then apart from your face, keep your hearts beautiful. That’s what matters more, right?