8 Myths And Truth That All Future Parents Should Know


Myths about IVF-Well, in this world, there is a bucket full of knowledge, and we are for sure you do not know everything. Here we are to talk about the understanding of the artificial insemination. Many myths are circulating in the world regarding this procedure. But only a few people know the truth about it.

Here we are excited to talk about the most awaited myths about IVF and also we are present to tell some of the interesting facts about the reproductive technologies that prevail in the modern world.

Here first we start with the myths about IVF.

IVF is the test-tube fertilization.

8 Myths about IVF that every parent should know

Well, people think that in the test-tube fertilization, the process might get performed in the test tube but it is in the Petri Dish.

Babies born with IVF are sick and weak.

It is one of the other myths about IVF but not with the solid base to think upon it. First of all, for the process, the doctors will always prefer to test for the healthiest embryos. And then they develop those embryos into healthy babies. And people think it to be the cheapest process which is also a myth. Babies get born in healthy families. Babies get proper and good health and care.

Future parents can also choose the gender of their baby.

It is not a complete story that you all know. The rules under IVF are strict as the doctors prescribe the parents. No matter once parents get permission to choose the gender of the baby only if there is some of transferring the genetic disease from the parents to babies.

IVF ending with multifetal gestation.

It is true, but half is a myth. It occurs in most of the cases but not always. It only happens with the artificial conception than the natural one. It is just because of the doctor activities of using two to three embryos instead of just one. And hence it results in the multifetal gestation.

Fallopian tubes get removed for the process of IVF

Well, it gives the general sign which says that women are planning to perform the IVF.

Now any woman can enjoy being a mother at any age.

Well, it is also a myth that a woman cannot become a mother after forty years of age. At this age also you can enjoy being a mother as if you are in your 20s. The rule is for both the natural and artificial insemination. It even solves the problem of natural conception.

A woman needs to go for the immediate bed rest after the process.

Doctors have a firm opinion on such matters. They tell the woman no question is in which condition, she must be active always. They even recommend them to exercise if they are well. It ensures better blood circulation.

The success of being a mother is in the first time.

The effectiveness is probable. The process success rate for the first time until now is 30%.

Now the turn to the facts you should know.

You can freeze the oocytes for future use.

Many people think of being parents in the later stage, but then they get concerned about the quality of oocytes. The fact is you can preserve them and keep them with yourself for many years. It is the most crucial fact that people should know.

With the process of IVF, about 8 million babies got birth.

We are excellent thanks to medicine for making such things happen for the eight million people. It has given life to eight million babies. I think it is even more than the population of Denmark.

The oldest lady used the IVF process to become a mother.

Ladies can have immense happiness with such activities. The oldest lady tried many chances but failed. But thanks to IVF for such process to happen instantly.

IVF process is not always easy as it is for nine months.

It can be a dangerous process. The woman body gets prepared for the future soon to be a mother. The eggs get collected with the thin needle and then it can be a dangerous process as always you think.