Have A Look At Aliia More’s Long Hair, Your Eye’s Won’t Believe It!


Aliia moore with long hair-We all are capable of growing our hair long. As we grow our hair long and protracted, these days we see girls are rocking buns and ponytails in this age. In this article, we are going to see a girl with very long hair. I think that is there anyone else who grows her hair like the hair of this girl.

Aliia moore with long hair


The girl, whom we are going to talk about in this article is Alia More. She is a celebrated Instagram user with about 100k followers. She is famous for her long hair. Her hair is all around 230 centimetres long. She takes much care for her hair. She did an excellent job for her hair. She belongs to Bratislava, Slovakia. You would also be surprised by seeing her hair colour besides the length and breadth of her hair. She calls herself by the name “The Queen of Super Long Hair.”


She gets inspirations from the fairytale heroine. She trims her hair once in a month to remove the split ends. Her hair takes one hour to comb and a day to get dry. Hier husband considers her hair as the member of their family. Moreover, he leaves plenty of space on their bed for her hair. She admits that the weigh of her hair put some pain on her neck. She compares her hair with the weigh of her cat.


She gives more space to her hair in their bed so that it would not get damaged accidentally. Her husband said that they plan their holidays according to her haircare needs. He said that “when we are going away to somewhere we always expect our entire day for it since we understand that otherwise we will lose one day from our vacation and we will have to sit inside our home.

Aliia said that she started growing her hair since childhood because she likes long hair. Her hair is longer than her height so sometimes she steps on her hair at home. She never goes out without flowing her hair.


She regularly posts the snaps of her long hair on Instagram. Many people do not like her long hair and message her to cut or sell them because they do not like the length of her hair.

However, she does not react to that messages. She incurs fewer costs for her haircare because she gets a lot of free products for her hair.


Once in her childhood, she got stuck chewing on her hair. It was the worst experience with her hair. She was in a theatre, and someone left chewed gum on her hair. That time she had to cut her hair to get rid of the chewed gum. It was a tragedy.

During the 27 years of her life, she grows her long hair despite many challenges in her life. Moreover, now she has no plan to cut her hair. She began growing her hair when she was seven years old.

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Many people compare her hair to Xie Qiuping. She holds the world record of 18 feet long hair. However, she is not a competitor for Aliia. She does not have a dream to own the world record and get in Genius Record book. She loves her hair very much. She can leave her straight and can make many different styles.

You can check out the different hairstyles that she makes with her hair.


We can also grow our hair long like both of them. We just need to care for our hair better than before. Long hair gives a classic and versatile look. There are three simple ways to grow our hair long. Have a look at the directions:

1. Change your routine for haircare

Aliia moore with long hair

  • Gently brush your hair
  • Massage your hair daily
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo three times a week
  • Whenever you wash your hair, condition them each time
  • Do not place your ponytail in the same place daily
  • Do not use a towel to dry your hair
  • You need to trim your hair half an inch once  in two or three months
  • You should use a silk pillow

2. Use such products that promote hair growth fast

  • Once a week, apply a hydrating hair mask
  • When you blow dryer or straightening your hair, apply a heat protectant
  • Choose the shampoos which contain natural ingredients
  • Use leave-in conditioner for your hair
  • Once a month, do in-depth protein conditioning treatment for your hair
  • Before going to bed, use essential oil for massage your hair

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3. Adjust your lifestyle

  • You need to eat healthily
  • Keep hydrating yourself
  • Do not take much stress
  • Take the required Vitamins daily

So, try these ways to grow your hair long.