Best ways to highlight hair-Highlighting the hair is the coolest thing that we can do. There is one most common of doing this. The way is to highlight your hair through rubbing cap method.

As the name of the method itself defines that you need to cover your hair with rubber cap essentially. There are little holes in the rubber cap through which your hairstylist can thread your hair. However, your hair will individually get highlighted and will give your hair a stunning look.

Best ways to highlight hair

If you are thinking to do it yourself at home, but you are not sure that you should do it or not and how you can do it on your own. You may be confused in all these. So, Rodolfo Carvalho may be able to help you with this.

Here he has shared his Instagram video with us in which he is highlighting hair of his clients. His Instagram account has nearly 100k followers.

In the end, he takes off the rubber cap, and the pleasant results are here in front of you.

If you ever have dyed your hair from Rodolfo Carvalho, then share your reviews with us.

We have passed six months in the year 2018. Moreover, we have fallen in love with many hair colours in just in these six months. For your knowledge and to help you, we have listed down six prettiest hair colours trending in the year 2018.

1. Iridescent Lilac

Best ways to highlight hair

In the on-going trendy days, this colour is going to infiltrate in your friend’s groups. It is pretty shade and comfortable to wear. This colour also gives your skin the brighter appearance.

2. Honey Blonde Ombre

The honey- blonde is perfect hair colour for summers.

3. Crimson Red

The strawberry- blonde hues and rose-gold highlights, the highlighting colours of 2017 are already in the way of forgotten. However, pink lovers do not need to freak. Soon these colours will be replaced by deeper shades in the same family of such colours as Crimson Red.

4. Inky Black

Some of your favourite celebrities have jet black colour. We are not only talking about Pete Wentz. This colour is in trend for the on-going year 2018.

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5. Ash Brown

I can not go along with my black hair. Ash Brown colour is the middle ground. It included chocolate brown and muted, slate grey hair.

6. Icy Platinum

It is the new shade of the year. We predicted this shade last year but up-bring in the year 2018. This shade will take us to the new year. We will see a steady uptick in Ice Queen- Level White- Blonde.

Some people can not afford many expenses to highlight their hair, but they want to highlight their hair. So such people can highlight their hair easily at home on their own. They only need to follow the given steps below it.

There are boxed highlighting kits also available in the market, or you can use DIY tips. The following steps are:

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1. Getting the right hair colour

  • Choose the right hair colour
  • Then protect yourself with rough clothes
  • Collect your tools to highlight
  • Read the instructions given on the box
  • Do a test on a little strand

2. Start dying your hair

  • Get ready with the colour
  • Then divide your hair into all over four sections
  • Start applying the highlights
  • Leave your hair with the colour for the proper time
  • Apply the toner if you want
  • Wash off the dye from your hair
  • Let your hair to dry naturally

3. Dye your hair using natural methods

  • Using lemon

Lemon contains the natural bleaching properties. It can better work on light hair because dark hair can turn into an orangy shade.

  • Using kool-aid

You can use kool-aid to get purple, red, pink, and green highlights.

  • Using Chamomile tea

Rinse your hair in chamomile tea to get some lighter tones. The tea will not change the colour of your hair but will add some tone to your hair.

  • You can even highlight your hair with the help of chalk

it is the temporary hair colour. You can dye your hair with chalk if your hair is lighter in colour. On the very light colour hair, this can remain for two-three washes.