How to remove underarm hair naturally? Every part of our body requires our genuine care, then why miss out on our underarms? It becomes essential to keep them hair-free and clean so that we can flaunt our sleeveless dresses. Shaving or hitting the salon for wax are not the only options you have.

How To Remove Underarm Hair In Just 2 Minutes (Simple Natural Solution)4

Few remedies will help you get rid of the hair, and it is pretty straightforward. Plus, you can try it at home. So let us have a look at the instant natural remedy!

How To Remove Underarm Hair In Just 2 Minutes (Simple Natural Solution)6

You will need-

Sugar, about 2 cups

Lemon juice- quarter cup

Water- quarter cup

Honey- quarter cup


  1. Boil some water in a vessel.
  2. When the water has started to boil, add in the ingredients mentioned. Mix it well.
  3. Let this mixture boil for 30 odd minutes.
  4. Wait for the solution to become thick and brown and then switch off the gas.
  5. Allow this mixture to cool.
  6. Wash your underarms and use a cloth to pat dry it. This will get you rid of any sweat.
  7. Put some talcum powder and dust it in the hairy region.
  8. Use a flat spoon to apply the mixture you have prepared. A thin layer is advisable as a thick layer makes situations very messy.
  9. Let the layer harden for some time.
  10. Tighten your underarm skin and try to peel this layer away using your other hand. Be quick to peel the coating off as it can get painful for you and also cause the hair not to be adequately plucked.
  11. Clean the underarm area using some water once you are done peeling and then pat dry.
  12. Apply a moisturizer to keep the skin supple and smooth.

You can always use this mixture to get rid of body hair too. Store the mix in a cool place. Reheat it when you need to use it again.

Certain people are allergic to the ingredients which are put in this wax mix, for example- lemon juice. So, we have some other natural remedies too, which will help you get rid of unwanted hair. Let us have a look:

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1. Egg And Corn Flour

How To Remove Underarm Hair In Just 2 Minutes (Simple Natural Solution)1

Mix one tbsp of egg whites with half tbsp of cornflour and mix well. Apply this mixture to your underarms and allow it to dry. Then, wash using some cold water.

2. Milk And Turmeric

How To Remove Underarm Hair In Just 2 Minutes (Simple Natural Solution)7

Mix 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of turmeric powder. Form a fine paste and apply it to your underarms. Wash it off when it dries thoroughly.

3. Sugar And Lemon

How To Remove Underarm Hair In Just 2 Minutes (Simple Natural Solution)5

This remedy is the oldest and has to be quite popular too. Mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of sugar. Apply this paste and let it dry wholly. Clean using a wet cloth. Applying this thrice in a week will reduce the hair growth in that area, gradually.

4. Egg Mask

Use eggs white and 1 tbsp sugar to make a fine paste. Allow this solution to dry completely. Pull the mask in the direction, opposite to the growth of hair. Wash using some water and then apply a mild lotion.

5. Chickpea Flour Mask

Yes, chickpeas work for hair removal too! Add 5 tbsp of chickpea flour to a bowl. Add 5 tbsp of milk, one tsp of cream, and one tsp of turmeric to the flour to form a thick paste. Apply it to your underarms and let it dry thoroughly. Now, rub off the mask from the underarms to get rid of the hair. Wash your armpits with water. Repeat twice a week for best results.

Super easy tricks right?

Do try them and share with us, your experiences with these natural remedies!