3 Things That Spread Like Wildfire In Non-Western Countries


3 Aspects of western culture-Western civilization have touched the lives of people from around the globe, but there are some aspects of the culture of the west that was a huge hit in other countries. Here, we are going to look into some of those aspects that just spread like wildfire in different countries.

First in our list is about cafes with only boys as butlers serving coffee to women in Japan. Yuki Hirohata, the man behind it all interviewed several women to find out what these Japanese women want in a cafe made for them. Well most of them just wanted a safer environment away from the subway gropers, an unusual request also came out from most saying they want a place to practice their English with foreign men. In 2002, Hirohata first officially started the princess-themed with Butlers Cafe with only nerdy white men catering to the customers. As it was princess themed, the women who visited were spoiled with tiaras and little bells to call for the waiters or butlers.

3 Aspects of western culture

Secondly, we have the infamous American knockoff restaurant businesses in Iran. All of us have heard about Pizza Hut, but what about its knock-off Pizza Hat. America and Iran are not best buds, but after the Revolution, there was no way that any American food chain could expand the business to Iran. There was one person though, who was brave enough to open up a McDonald’s in the year 1994, but only to see the restaurant burned to the ground two days later. However, Iranian entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to build up knock-offs in Iran like ZFC, Mash Donald’s and Burger House. Sound familiar, well they even look familiar. It is like Iranians want people to know about their knock-off.

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3 Aspects of western culture

If both of these countries were not so hostile to one another, the actual owners could have just visited Iran with a lawsuit for every knock-off out there. But considering the situation between Iran and America, knock-offs like Mash Donald’s and Super Star(for Starbucks) will go on their business in Iran.

3 Aspects of western culture

Thirdly we have a fun fact about Disney. From Marvel to Star Wars, they are everywhere. It is a gigantic corporation of its own which has been able to get the love from the children and everyone. The fact mentioned above is that Disney launched a currency of their own and hoped it would be legalized so that it can be used along with the feds.

They put it on the test trial, by launching it as a legal tender in co-operation with the government of Niue. Now Niue is a tiny country with an approximate population of nearly 1600. Besides this, it is not that big of an island either. Niue depends on the funding from other nations so collectors coming out to Niue to buy a collectible coin is like one of the significant sources of revenue for Niue.