Best romantic places in Bulgaria-Bulgaria offers tourists not only a magnificent coast with clean sandy beaches and modern ski resorts with perfectly equipped trails, but also a huge number of natural, cultural and historical attractions.

Visiting Bulgaria, you will feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, participating in fascinating adventures and exploring ancient ruins that are generously scattered throughout the country. Depending on the level of your physical activity, you can descend into the Trakian tombs and cl

climb to the top of prehistoric sanctuaries, or simply visit a couple of museums and have a look at gold and silver treasures. Such a wide variety of sights in Bulgaria guarantees each tourist a homecoming with their own collection of unforgettable impressions, fascinating legends and hundreds of stunning photos.

If you are eager to study the monuments of European history and culture, but a trip to Paris, Rome or London is too expensive – go to Bulgaria!


5 Unusual Romantic Places In Bulgaria

It’s time to discover romantic streets of Bulgarian cities. Nesebar is an ancient city that fascinates with its diversity. This is the comfort of paved streets, many small temples, and other architectural creations. Nesebar is divided into two parts: New Nessebar where most modern houses and hotels are located, as well as the resort complex Sunny Beach. And Old Nessebar, located on the small peninsula, connected with land by a narrow isthmus about 400 meters long. You can enjoy the atmosphere of peace with your significant other in one of the many cafes or restaurants by the sea. If you still don’t have a loved one, you can find such a person on the biggest Russian dating site.


Rila mountain range bristling with high rocky ridges and peaks has a truly alpine beauty and is a Mecca of climbers. Here is the highest mountain in South-Eastern Europe – Musala, with a height of 2,925 meters. On the territory of the massif, there are also well-known balneological resorts: Sapareva Banya, Dolna Banya, Guliyna Banya, and Osenovo.

The Rila massif is declared a national park, and its name is translated from Thracian as “rich in water”. There are the famous seven Rila lakes, about 200 sparkling mountain lakes and countless rivers, streams and thermal springs. Among the most interesting natural attractions can be identified: the waterfall “Skakavitsa” with a height of 70 meters, the waterfall “Shrokaloto” (30 meters high) and a viewing platform on the Black Rocks, where you can take breathtaking photos of mountain landscapes and look at mountain eagles.

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Rila Monastery

The pearl of historic Bulgaria is the Rila Monastery founded in the 10th century. The monastery is a complex of cultural, residential and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 8 thousand square meters. This architectural structure will surprise even the experienced tourist: a 24-meter-high stone wall forms an irregular pentagonal building that looks like a fortress. Inside the monastery, there are many arches and colonnades, various wooden stairs and balconies. In 1983, the Rila Monastery was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also on the territory of the monastery, there is a historical museum, in which there are more than 35 thousand exhibits.

Devil’s Bridge

5 Unusual Romantic Places In Bulgaria

Built-in the beginning of the XVI century, the Devil’s Bridge is the most beautiful arched bridge in Bulgaria. Its length is 56 meters, width – 3.5 meters, and its central arch rises by 11.5 meters. The internal semicircular arches were built in order to control the water level.

The reason, why some locals don’t dare to cross this bridge, is rooted in dark stories about this place. One of them is that the wife of the chief builder died during the construction, so her ghost was enclosed in the building. Another fable says that somewhere on the rocks you can find the devil’s track.

In 1984 the bridge was declared a cultural heritage.

Belogradchik Rocks

5 Unusual Romantic Places In Bulgaria

This is a unique natural phenomenon not only for Bulgaria but for the whole of Europe. Beautiful natural formations are in the north-west of the country near the town of Belogradchik.

The height of the rocks reaches 200 meters, they form a strip about 30 km long and up to 3 km wide. In 1949, the rocks were declared a cultural heritage. Also, there are such sights as the fortress Belogradchik and Magura Cave with curious drawings on the walls.