Basic Nail Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know


Nail hacks-Having long, strong and beautiful nail is the desire of every young lady. However, because of some negative behavior of pattern, bad eating habits, the kind of work, using poor products may damage your nails. Every girl in this world loves perfection in the way she looks and her looks also include her nails. Some girls are really obsessed with her nails; they think if their nails are perfect than their overall appearance is acceptable. But maintenance of nails is pretty costly. You can also check these 10 nail hacks to get beautiful nails

Nail hacks

There are certain things in our life which is heartbreaking like losing a nail. No one can understand the feeling of having a short nail between 10 long nails; it looks really weird and sad. After all, it takes a long time to grow those beautiful nails. In this article, we discuss some amazing nail hacks for you & here are 8 best ways to repair damaged nails

1. Cuticle

Avoid the use of cuticle as it creates hangnails so instead of that use scraper to remove the dead cells from nails.


2. Oil Remover

There is always some oil sits on your nail so with the use of acetone or your polish remover remove the oil from your nail and make sure not to touch your nail before your nail polish is on.


3. Nail file

In order to avoid your nail getting break during the filing process, rub the filer on your nail in direction.


4. Nail Polish

The right way to apply nail polish is to apply a dot of polish at the upper area of the nail and then push it back to the end of your nail.

5. Nail Polish Stains

It is very hard to get off the dark polishes as it has the tendency to stain the skin around your cuticle area that looks really bad. So apply some creamy texture around your nails before pulling of nail polish.

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