7 ways you can ‘Vitamin E’ capsules efficiently


What are the benefits of vitamin e capsules? You have probably heard a lot about Vitamin E, but then do you know how to use these tablets efficiently? Today, let us go through 7 methods through which you can beautify your hair and skin with Vitamin E capsules.

Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsules

1. Skin Serum:  

Squeeze out the liquid from the capsules onto your palms. Dab some on the facial area and let it stay for the night. If you take too much of the liquid, you will end up messing up your pillow! Use it in sufficient quantities.

2. Hair Serum:

Use 2-3 tablets ( based on the length of your hair). Using the liquid squeezed from these tablets, smoothen it out on your hair. Excess liquid will make your hair too sticky, unlike the commercial serums which vanish from the hair. Wash and condition after 30 minutes of application.

7 Benefits of vitamin e capsule and how to use vitamin e capsule

3. Supplements:

Consuming one tablet every day, for at least 15 days can make a huge difference to your hair and skin. I have tried, and it does get you a beautiful transformation!

4. Skin Cream:

Add a capsule to your night cream and mix it well. You can make your very own enrichment skincare cream this way. This is less messy and practical as compared to the serum. You can always add this to your body lotions too, to replenish it with Vitamin E.

5.Knee, Elbow and Cuticle Softener:

After exfoliating your elbows and knees, rub some Vitamin E oil onto them. This will help in healing any kind of roughness or dryness. For pampering your cuticles, you can apply some around them too.

6. Treating Chapped Lips:

Apply the Vitamin E-liquid to your lips to relive them from being chapped. You can also infuse it with your lip balms which you make at home for added benefits!

7 Benefits of vitamin e capsule and how to use vitamin e capsule

7. Treating acne:

Vitamin E can be applied directly to the affected areas to help them fade away with time. It also is great for treating wrinkles as it promotes the regeneration of the cells.

7 Benefits of vitamin e capsule and how to use vitamin e capsule

Recent studies at Ohio State University said that Vitamin E is helping a lot of smokers to quit. It helps in rectifying the blood vessel functioning and helps a smoker from cardiovascular diseases. So for the smokers out there, its time that you buy some Vitamin E capsules and start consuming them already!

Good luck!