Best Easy to do Ponytail Hairstyles


Ponytail hairstyles are common and amazing hairstyle which every teenage girl or even ladies prefer, because of its easiness and simplicity. Today here we bring you the top 10 best ponytail hairstyles that are inspired by the hot, humid monsoon months.

Best Easy to do Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyle

The Middle Parted Low Ponytail:

This style is perfect for the days when your hairs are oily, and you don’t have enough time to shampoo them. You can achieve this look at home without any minimal efforts.

High Ponytail With Beach Waves:

A gorgeous and easy pony style if you have beachy waves. Perfect style for those who have long hairs and they hate doing low ponytails.

Ponytail With A Pouf:

This one is not appropriate when you are running late for your business meeting or school. Save this beautiful style for a girls day out or shopping.  Backcombing of curls is strictly not recommended.

Pull It All Ponytail:

Great hairstyle to spot greasy hair, not recommended for those who have a wide forehead and round faces.

Low Pouf High Ponytail:

This kind of hairstyle is perfect for school, colleges or even at the office. This style looks exceptionally good at girls having long hair.

Messy One:


Messy hairs have become quite trendy these days. This style will relatively be easy for girls having curly or messy hairs. Straight hair girls might find this style to be a difficult task.

French braid with a ponytail:

This style is not only easy to do, but it also adds some cuteness and freshness to your overall look. It can team up well with any of the occasion whether it is a business meeting or Friday night party.

Kitty Style:

Doesn’t this style try to remember you your past and your childhood?

Sassy One:

This might not seem you a perfect ponytail. But its look made me include this in my post. This hairstyle is best for college or school looks. If done with proper care will make you the center attraction piece.

Curly Ponytail:

This is one of the favorite ponytail hairstyles because it is easy to do and it gives a gorgeous look on our face.