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44 Softwares So Good, That You Can’t Believe Its Free!


Today, we are going to talk about some software that you would want to use, and don’t worry, all of them are free!

1. Google Maps

We can’t ignore this software or even replace it! It has so many features that make our lives easier. It is free of cost, and you can also download maps and use them as and when required. You can take a good view of your destinations by using Google Street View!

2. Maps.me

With this app, you can search while you are offline and it also gives you worldwide support and traffic data. Has to compete with Google Maps!


44 best free software that you need to use

3. Wikipedia

A very popular web-based encyclopedia which can be edited by the viewer too. It is one of the largest of its kind.

4. Coursera

It is a web-based platform for learners all over the world, used for educational purposes or to gain knowledge about specific fields.

5. Space Engine

You can explore our universe using this software. It is quite real and can show data relating to the entire universe on your computer.

6. Duolingo

This is available for both Android and IOS users. It has about 68 courses in 28 languages!

7. Zotero

This software lets you collect, organize and share data.

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Media players

44 best free software that you need to use

8. VLC

A top-rated and free media player, used by the whole world. It supports various file formats and video compression methods, making it an ideal platform.

9. PotPlayer

Potplayer gained a lot of fame recently. This media player is lightweight and is giving high performance at the same time. It may not be as famous as VLC, but it does support more file types.

10. Media Player Classic

The software fan community developed the Home Cinema Version. The developers have made it lightweight and speedy too!


44 best free software that you need to use

11. Blender

It lets you create everything from 3D models to renders in game design.

12. OpenSCAD

This one is too famous for creating CAD models. Unlike many free modeling software, OpenSCAD focuses on 3D modeling aspects rather than the artistic methods.

13. Fusion 360

This software is free for students and educators. It works for Macs and PCs and is the ultimate destination for design and engineering.

14. SketchUp

For people who prefer drawing their ideas out before jumping into the advancements and working on a model, this software is just for you. You can sketch out your imagination, anything you want, quite quickly!


44 best free software that you need to use

15. Snipping Tool

This tool is specially designed for taking screenshots for Windows platforms. You can take screenshots of the entire screen or just the parts you want. It can be edited, and you can save it in various formats too.

16. Desmos

It is a professional graphing calculator which is the web as well as mobile-based.

17. Caliber

Caliber is often termed as the iTunes for e-books. It helps you store your digital books and also lets you convert books into various formats.

18. Notepad++

An easy and elegant code editor for Windows.

19. KeePass Password Safe

An open-source solution for storing passwords and data that you want to keep in an encrypted file.

Video and Audio

44 best free software that you need to use

20. MuseScore

Free software used for writing down music that is available over Windows, Mac or Linux.

21. Audacity

It is used for audio editing as well as recording. Freely available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

22. DaVinci Resolve 15

This is the software you need for professional editing of videos! You can use it online as well as online. Colour corrections, audio corrections, and even visual effects can be done with this software.

23. HandBrake

It is designed for the conversion of videos from any format.

Digital design

24. Krita

A software for raster graphics used for developing digital art and animation.

25. Gimp

A free tool used for photo retouching, image composing and authoring.

26. Paint.NET

An image editing software that has a super easy interface and diverse features.

27. Inkscape

A vector graphics editor with characteristics similar to Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

File Management

28. 7-Zip

A famous file archiver that places groups of files within archives for secure transfer and storage.

29. Everything

A search tool that helps one find files by name easily and fast.

30. FreeNAS

An operating system designed for protecting, storing and sharing data over a network.

31. Dropbox

A cloud storage device used for sharing and storing files of various formats.

32. Recuva

A tool that can help you restore or recover the files from the recycle bin, SD card or MP3 player.

Image and Document Editing

33. LibreOffice

A wide-spread free office suite. It has many tools for text editing, spreadsheets, presentation, vector graphics and so much more!

34. LaTex

A software that allows users to prep documents for high-quality purposes and can be published almost anywhere.

35.Google Apps

It helps you to create various reports, presentations, tables and lets you store files on the Drive. You can also share these files with anyone.

36. Irfanview

Free software that lets you organize, edit and convert images. It is available for Windows users.


37. Steam

A platform that is used for multiplayer gaming and streaming purposes.

38. OBS Studio

OBS is a famous streaming program that can be installed freely on various platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

39. Discord

A secure way for gamers to chat. What’s more, you can use your desktops and phones both!

40. Unity

A compelling game engine that can develop 3D and 2D video games for desktops, consoles and mobile phones.

OS and computer management software

41.  Ubuntu

A free-distributed OS that can run from a desktop to the cloud to any internet connection.

42. TeamViewer

TeamViewer can be used to control your desktop remotely and for transferring files between desktops.

43. Plex

This gives you access to all media across various devices. It organized all your media files and they are ready to stream.

44. Malwarebytes

Powerful antivirus software that can be downloaded by a Windows, Mac OS or Android user.

What kind of software do you use freely? Let us know in the comments section below!