Some Best Of The Gifts For Women According To Women Themselves


Best gifts for women-Guys around the world lose their heads on a question: ‘What should I get her?’. Is there a special occasion coming up for which you are super excited and want to give the special woman in your life, i.e. mum, sister, wife, friend or girlfriend a different yet nice present? Well, I am here to provide you with a list of options that you can present your woman with. I hope the list helps you find your perfect woman a perfect present.

Here are some of the best gifts for women

Styling tools

Best gifts for women

It is a vague attempt at choosing a hair product for a woman if you do not know which brand she prefers and quite frankly we like to do that ourselves. So do not waste your time on hundreds of hair products but rather surprise her with a hairstyling device. I promise you will not regret it.

A magnetic fridge board

Gee, why hasn’t anybody gifted that to me yet? Ordinary pens and diaries, however fancy or cute they are, are not used by everybody. But a magnetic fridge board to leave notes or just decorate your fridge with can be used by everyone. Isn’t it a unique present with which you can make your girl’s day?


A gift card

You can not go up to a woman and offer her money as a gift unless that woman is me*winks*. The money-gifting is just for weddings and similar settings. A gift card to a good restaurant or an online store or any store for that matter is a much better gift. With this gift voucher, your girl can use the money in whatever way she likes herself.

Cooking vessels

It is a gift for that someone who enjoys cooking. It is a simple gift, yet it shows that you put a lot of thought into the present. Choose a unique coloured and a differently designed vessel which of course goes with the lady’s choice. Boy, you are going to make her very happy.


Enough already with the pots and flowers which she probably has an abundance of; go for something different this time. A humidifier is not only useful but also a unique gift to give to your girl.

Cosy blanket and sweaters

Whose idea was it to gift stuffed toys to girls? I do not find stuffed toys a good choice of a present because we ain’t 5-year-olds. I would rather enjoy the warmth of a cosy blanket or a cute sweater with warm colour choices than a teddy bear.

Home spa kit

Well, that is just a box full of treasures for some of us ladies. Bed linen is a very over-used item for a present. And let’s be honest if you do not choose the right design for your women she may not even use it. A spa kit is a good alternative as it is not just a box of products but rather a box of a lot of relaxing time. Trust me; you will make her day.

UV nail dryer

Yes, boys, it is a thing. If you are thinking of giving her another bottle of nail paint this year which will join her already big collection, then trust me when I say that you should not be surprised if she does not wear that colour any time in the future. You have to be a girl to know how long it takes for the darn nail polish to dry. Gift her a UV nail dryer and make this task of hers easier.

A fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are the new fad these days. Accessories and jewellery are yet another over-used presents. Gift her a stylish fashion tracker instead which are more useful and can even look fashionable on your woman.

So, have you decided on the present yet or are you still in complete fascination that all these products were all around you and yet you could not decide on anything? What occasion is it? Who are you gifting to? Keep these points in mind while purchasing a present for a loved one. Tell me in the comments below about your choice and her reaction.