Top 10 Best Tips to Apply Mascara like a Pro


Best Tips to Apply Mascara -There is no doubt that every woman has faced problems with their mascara at least once in their lifetime. For instance, the mascara gets dry without any reason, your mascara gets easily smudged, and sometimes there are clumps due to excess mascara on the wand and much more. Here are the best of the mascara applying tips that could help you out in dealing with your annoying mascara problems.

Best tips to apply mascara

Always Buy Waterproof Mascara

Best tips to apply mascara

smudging of the mascara is one the most common problem nowadays and to get rid of this you have to know about these best tips to apply mascara, there is only one way to choose the correct type of mascara and it should be waterproof. There are various misconceptions about the waterproof mascara that it is not safe for the skin but waterproof mascara is safe in every aspect.

Pick the Right Mascara Color for You

Best tips to apply mascara

picking the right mascara means to choose those shade which you can use on regular basis and look more natural as sometimes the shade of mascara can make you look a little bit of drama and probably do not go with any of your clothing styles.

Brush the Lashes Before and After Using Mascara

If you want your mascara to be smooth and without any lumps and make your lashes long longer and natural then it is just to brush your lashes before and after the application of mascara.

Use White Primer

Primer is a makeup product which is popular for making your lashes look longer instantly. Using it before applying mascara would give you long lashes. So first apply primer and then apply the desired mascara.

Apply Your Mascara with Zig-zag Motions

For proper application of mascara, first of all, curl your lashes and check that you have a perfect wand, it should be clumps free and clean and then apply it in a zig-zag motion and then you can brush it down.

Use Card for Tidy Application

if you are annoyed because your mascara is less on your lashes and is more on your eyelids then you can use tidy paper to prevent it from spreading all over your face as well as you will get smooth and no clumps as the paper will also remove the excess mascara over the wand.

For A Better Mascara Effect, Color the Upper Waterline

If you want to bring out your mascara then you can seek coloring waterline with eyeliner and eyeshadow. Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow would be beneficial in defining your eyes in a new way.

Don’t Pump the Mascara Wand In and Out of the Bottle

it is not good for your mascara wand to move in and out of the bottle as it can ruin the wand and you will notice clumps in the further application as well as it will dry out the mascara. Instead of moving it in and out gently twists the wand for proper application.

When You Remove the Wand from the Bottle Make Sure to Scrap Off Any Excess Mascara FROM THE WAND

This thing should be kept in mind while applying mascara if you want smooth and no clumps. When you move out the wand from the bottle most of the time there is excess mascara on the wand which results in clumps. To get rid of this you should swipe it by rolling it out on a paper it will definitely remove the excess mascara.

Apply Mascara to Your Lower Eyelashes

If you want your lashes to look thicker, darker and fuller then do not forget to apply the mascara on the lower lashes. It would be easier if you apply mascara on the bottom lashes first and then go for the upper lashes.