Five Ways To Slay Double Winged Eyeliner


Best ways to do double winged eyeliner-Eyeliner can enhance every look. It is trendy and elegant at the same time. But simple eyeliner sometimes could be boring and you need something to switch to. Follow this article to learn five new and easiest looks of double winged eyeliner which would give you glamorous look.

Best ways to do double winged eyeliner

Best ways to do double winged eyeliner

Cat Eye Double Winged Liner

Cat eye double winged eyeliner is very classy and easy to achieve.It is similar to regular eyeliner but wings are more stretched. Strech the upper lashline wing first, followed by lower lashline wing. Make sure that both the wings are equally extended and outlined properly. To give it Smokey look you could apply eyeshadow.

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Double Liner: Fish Style

For double winged eyeliner in fish style, apply liner on upper lashline as you apply liner on a regular basis. Difference will occur while applying liner on the lower lashline. Outline of lower lashline is lowered and connected to the upper wing at the corner of the eye. Size of both the wings will remain same.

Two-Way Double Winged

Start by applying eyeliner on the inner corner of your upper lash line,  gradually increasing the thickness as you move towards the outer corner. Similarly, do the lower one. Extend the wings from both the ends. Ensure that both the wings are parallel to each other. You can make it as much dark as you want.

Ombre Double Winged

For Ombre double winged eyeliner, apply eyeliner as you do and then use eyeshadow to create another eyeliner just above the previous one. You can use a single shade of the eyeshadow or you can use different shades of the eyeshadow to make more colourfull. Apply another layer of black eyeliner if the eyeshadow gets over the eyeliner.

Mélange: Double Liner

Super easy and trendiest eyeliner, Melange is similar to the regular double eyeliner, but the difference is that the thickness of upper and lower wing is not same.Both the wings are equally stretched, but the upper liner is thicker than the lower one. You can also apply some eyeshadow such as turquoise to complete the look.