Some Uses Of Activated Charcoal For Beauty And Health


Best uses of charcoal for beauty-Activated charcoal is the ingredient used for natural beauty. It is the natural product hence it is not harmful to our body. It has done many miracles in the beauty pantry. It has also helped in the digestive issues and much other skin problems. But some people are not aware of many health-promoting uses by using the activated charcoal. You will get shocked to read some of them. But today we bring you the best methods to use the activated charcoal for your health at your home.

Best uses of charcoal for beauty

Best uses of charcoal for beauty

Now firstly you should understand the meaning of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is the pure charcoal heated in such a way that it contains small pores which can trap chemicals in it. It has many uses associated with our digestive system. Some are listed below.

Gas and Bloating

Activated helps in diminishing of gas and bloating. Just two hours before taking a meal you should drink a large glass of water containing 500 to 1000 milligram of activated charcoal. Charcoal will help you to get rid of gas. And drink a single glass of water after the meal to avoid the flatulence and bloat.

Counteracting Poison

If by chance we intake poison we should know that activated charcoal is the best method to get rid of the poison. It is beneficial in that case. Toxins intaken can be in the form of bleach, mercury, fertilisers, and pesticides. It also neutralises the effect of overdose medicines such as aspirin, acetaminophen, cocaine, morphine and opium. Adults can intake charcoal in the form of capsules and can mix it with water. They should intake the dose of 50 to 100 milligram of activated charcoal. But it is useful only if we consume local poison, not on a large scale.

Food Poisoning

You can easily cure food poisoning due to diarrhoea and nausea with the help of activated charcoal. You should take it even if you do not have food poisoning, but you suspect for it. Adults can take 25 grams (approx two teaspoons )of charcoal and children can take 10 gram of charcoal. Food poisoning gets blown away very quickly with it. Drink a lot of water with it to remain hydrated all the time.


Cholesterol can be good or bad. Activated charcoal takes into account for good charcoal to retain in the body and for the removal of lousy charcoal from the body. It is as effective as we intake the prescripted medicine. The studies also show that the total 25% of the cholesterol has been lowered and 41% has lowered LDL. Both of them ratio has been doubled. You will get the best result when you drink charcoal three times a day for four weeks.


Healthier Teeth

Your teeth get cleaned if you will brush them with charcoal. Brush your teeth three times in a week with activated charcoal, and you will get the best results. Instead of toothpaste dip your toothbrush into charcoal and brush your teeth with it. It will protect you from the gum diseases, cavities, and the bad breath. Charcoal can stain your clothes, floor, and the counters. So you should follow the steps very carefully.

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Bites and Rashes

If you are having the problem of itching and stinging, then don’t worry activated charcoal can help them. Charcoal will solve the problem of your rashes. If a bee or mosquito bites you then you need to mix a half tablespoon of coconut oil with two tablespoons of activated charcoal and apply them on the affected area. Apply the thick paste on the affected area after every half an hour.

Alcohol Poisoning

Charcoal is not the excellent absorbent of alcohol, but it is beneficial for the removal of artificial toxins. But if you will drink it with the alcohol, then it can reduce alcohol level from the body. You can also take four tablets of charcoal after intake of alcohol or if you are drinking it.

Organ Health

Charcoal can provide excellent support to the kidneys, cognitive functions, and the kidneys. You need to take two capsules of the charcoal in the daily routine.