Best Way To Use Coconut Oil To Prevent The Hair Falling, Damaging, Thinning, and Greying


Coconut oil to stop hair fall-We should choose and apply the best things of our body. Natural elements are the best, and they will not have any side effect on us. Falling hair is the biggest problem faced by most of the people these days. The one main cause behind this can be the weather change, and other can be the lack of proper nutrition to our hair.

Coconut oil to stop hair fall

coconut oil to stop hair fall

Well, we are here to solve the problem of hair fall by using the natural products for us. One best remedy to overcome the problem is the coconut oil. It is the best method for health with its uses. It is useful in eating, cooking, oiling hair, improving hair growth, and tops the list for providing the alternative to improve the health. Coconut helps to keep our hair look young, and also it prevents them from greying and its falling or thinning. Here are the best methods to follow them moisturised all the time using coconut oil.

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For Thin Hair

Coconut oil is the best remedy to keep your hair longer, thicker, and strong. Coconut is rich in fatty acids and vitamins which is the primary requirement of the scalp to keep it nourished. It also removes the natural oil present in our hair produced by the hair follicles. That natural oil is not much good for our hair. Coconut oil is like a daily treatment for our hair growth.

Steps to follow:

1. Wash your hair before going to bed with the help of sulphate free shampoo and also condition them properly. Make the use of natural shampoo for your hair.

2. Boil the organic coconut oil and apply after it gets bit chilly. Do not apply too hot oil on your hair.

3. We know after washing we get tangled in our hair, and hence you need to get free from them with the help of the comb.

4. Gently massage your scalp with the help of fingers and with the warm coconut oil. You will get relieved with it. Make sure you are applying melted coconut oil to your scalp. It is beneficiary. While using you need to part the hair areas into small so that you can reach the scalp properly.

5. Wrap your hair with the help of the towel and let your hair soak the coconut oil overnight. The step is mandatory for the proper use.

If you massage your scalp correctly, then it will increase the blood circulation from the body. The increase in blood circulation can also lead to the best hair growth. Coconut oil needs to massage scalp gently for at least one minute every other day. You will feel fresh after this. You need to apply just one teaspoon of the oil for your entire scalp. It will not seem that your hair is full of oil.

Now you must be thinking why coconut oil is the best. So, let me let you that coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and also it keeps the hair follicles healthy and moisturised.

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For Damaged Hair:

Coconut reduces the loss of proteins from your hair. It prevents them from damaging. Coconut is also rich in the lauric acid and gets strongly attracted to the proteins needed for the growth of your hair. It is good for the healthy hair. Coconut has low molecular weight, and so it easily seeps down the head and your shaft. To avoid damaging your hair take one teaspoon of the coconut oil and apply it to your hair before washing. Let your hair gets moisturised entirely with it for thirty minutes. And on the other hand, you can also use a half teaspoon of the oil after washing your hair.

Moisture Retention

Coconut oil is the best remedy to retain moisture in your hair. It does not get evaporated very quickly and also it does not break down. Hence it is the stable oil. Its stability retains the nutrition in the hair and also it gets prevented from escaping. Your hair also becomes soft. It diminishes the rough hair.

Apply the oil in the same way as you apply it to the damaged hair. Apply a half teaspoon of the oil after washing them. With this technique, it acts as a moisturiser for your hair and protects them from hair loss.