Best Winged Eyeliner Tutorial.-There are hundreds of different eyeliner styles and the most prominent amongst them is the winged eyeliner. Needless to say that it is the most charming eyeliner style and that’s why it is considered as the best eyeliner style. It gives you a sensational look and suits every eye shape and size. Perfectly winged eyes are hard to attain making this style one of the most difficult eyeliner styles of all time. But with the correct know-how and appropriate method, everything’s possible. In this article, we bring you a step by step tutorial to attaining those perfect cat eyes.!

Best Winged Eyeliner Tutorial.


Step By Step Winged Eyeliner Tutorial.

1.A nonpartisan eyeshadow.

2.Matte bruised eyeshadow.

3.Black gel or fluid liner.

4.Small calculated brush.

5.A gel liner brush. (MAC 208 and Sephora Collection Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush #23)



Start off by keeping a pink line in your mind that begins from the external part of your nose and stretches up to the tip of your eyebrow as shown in the picture.

There’s an alternative way of doing this. Imagine an extended line at the regular bend of your lower lash line. Connect that line to your eyebrows.

This imaginary line is your piece of guidance.


Now moving on to the second step, After you’re done with fixing the imaginary line, take some eyeshadow on your angled brush and draw a soft line from the external corner of your lash line and expand it towards the tip of your eyebrow for a more sensational look. Make sure to put less weight as you move towards the tip.

Make another line which joins this principal line at the tip. The thickness of the wing can be as per your choice. But, it is suggested to first draw both of the lines and then move on to attaining the desired thickness. This will make your work a lot more easier.



After you’re done with the basic outline, It’s now time to darken your eyeliner. Use some gel eyeliner on your brush and work on darkening the eyeliner. Remember to keep your look softer as you move towards the tip of your eyeliner. For this, hold your brush loosely as you reach that area.


After finishing the wing, move to the inner part of your upper lash line and cover it up. Make sure that the thickness of the eyeliner decreases as you move towards the inner corner of your eye.

That’s it. You’re good to go!