Check-Out what did your Birthstone has to say about you?


Have you ever realised that every month of the year has a special connection with a precious gemstone? These are known as Birthstones which were explored during Biblical times and were copied to the shield of Aaron which had 12 gemstones enamelled in it- each one indicating a tribe of that time in Israel. During the 5th century, these stones were related to 12 zodiac signs which are now associated with the birthstones. Each of the following gemstones comprises a significant meaning which can reveal a lot about your personality. So pick your birthstone based on your birth month and check-out what all it has to say about you.

1) January-Garnet
Garnet is usually a deep red-coloured stone but it is also available in several other colours such as yellow, orange and green. This attractive stone symbolizes harmony, good fortune and well-being. Along with it, it is believed that it has a strong influence which provides eternal happiness. It was first referred as a symbol of life by the Egyptians in the 3100 BC and was popular among the Romans during the 3rd and 4th century. It was also recognised as a tool for protection and healing since ages. It also represents long-lasting friendship which can be a special gift for those who are born in this month.

2) February-Amethyst
This stone symbolises warm and strength. It has a stunning purple colour but can change itself based on the shape it has been cut into. It was explored during the time of Ancient Greeks and it means “intoxicated” as it is said that those who wear this stone will be protected from intoxication. It is connected with various cultures, beliefs, myths and legends. It is considered to be a symbol of peace, courage, steadiness and strength.

3) March-Aquamarine
Aqua means water and Marina mean sea. This gem symbolizes serenity and simplicity due to which it is believed that the person who wears this stone has a low temper and is calm and relaxed. It has a sturdy connection with the sea and it is said that earlier it was used for protecting sailors to bring them safely across the sea. It was also used as a lucky charm and as a wedding gift too! As it symbolizes serenity and simplicity it helps in achieving and maintaining peace and harmony.

4) April-Diamond
This precious gem is of April and is most popular among all stones. It is available in several other colours such as Yellow, pink, red, green, blue etc. and all occur naturally. The more it’s rich in colour, the more it will be expensive. Also, its production procedure raises its value at a much higher level. They are traded since 4 BC or ancient civilisation. It is a symbol of love and commitment and is generally used in engagements and wedding jewellery and rings.

5) May-Emerald
It is known for its vivid colour. It signifies renaissance, foresight, good fortune and adolescence. It’s famous for its vibrant green colour and lies between light to deep green. They are predicted to be 2.97 billion years old and were first discovered during 330 BC. It is believed that Queen Cleopatra owns the emerald mines all over Egypt. It symbolizes loyalty, peace, security and new beginnings. Wearing Emerald can reduce the risk of anxiety attacks and other health issues.

6) June-Pearl
It is the only gemstone which is made by a living being, i.e., oysters. It comprises of a natural lustre which needs no moulding or polishing. Its original colour is creamy white but it is also available in several other colours such as pink, purple, yellow, green, blue brown, black etc. During ancient times it has been identified as “Tears of God” by ancient Greeks and Hindu folklores recognized it as “Teardrops of Moon”. Japanese folktales claim that pearls were legendary creatures whereas Chinese believed connected them with dragons. It symbolizes innocence and purity and this is the reason why it was worn by brides on their wedding day during ancient periods. They are also used as a popular gift for anniversaries.

7) July-Ruby
This birthstone is associated with passion and energy. It has been popular through ancient times and is known as “king of precious stones”. It is difficult to obtain fully formed rubies as the chemical reaction which produces them can also result in their splitting and fractures. This makes them more expensive than diamonds. During the ancient period, it is believed that rubies were worn by warriors, noblemen, rulers. Due to its deep red colour, it is associated with liveliness and strength and is said to enhance passion, energy, courage and awareness and also add success in love, wealth and battle.

8) August-Peridot
This stone is recognized by its bright lime green colour. It is formed due to several compositions of minerals and is available only in single colour. It was derived from a Greek word which means offering plenty. This stone is known as “Gem Of Sun” as it protects its wearer from the night. It comprises of healing properties and symbolizes peace and happiness.

9) September-Sapphire
It is an icon of wisdom, loyalty, sincerity, integrity and nobility. The most highlighted colour is royal blue but it is also available in several shades. Apart from using sapphire in jewellery, it is also used in several scientific instruments, electronics and watches. During an earlier time, it was used by Buddhists for spiritual enlightenment and by Greeks for guidance. It is been famous since Middle Ages and has been recognized as a symbol of love since Prince William offered her mother’s ring to his wife Kate Middleton on her wedding day. It enhances self-discipline and concentration power. It is world’s rarest gem.

10) October-Opal
This monochromatic stone reflects several colours and exits in different varieties even if only a few among them are recognized. Arabic legends believe that they were fallen from skies in the form of bolts of lightning whereas Aborigines believe they approached the Earth through Rainbow. It is very influential and lucky stone.

11) November-Topaz
This name was derived from the word topazios which was an island in Red Sea. Later on, a colourless stone was discovered which was named as Topaz. It comes in several other colors due to impurities in it. It was used by African Shamans for healing purpose whereas Hindu people used it during the Renaissance. It can control one’s mental behaviour.

12) December-Tanzanite
It is the latest discovered stone and is found in only one part of the world. It has vibrant blue color which makes it unbelievably special. It offers safety and protection to the wearer. It has also known as”Blue Diamond” and is said to unite the heart and mind of human body. It has high value and is tremendously popular.