Clothing Hacks That Protect You From Feel Embarrassed


Clothing hacks-We know that these types of situations come in everyone’s life. When we have to go somewhere very urgently, and our clothes are not ready. But don’t you worry we have some tricks to get out of these problems. We will give you some little and easy hacks that will solve your problem for the time.

Let us take over a look at the below article and make your life easy.

Fix Your Ripped Pants.

Clothing Hacks That Protect You From Feel Embarrassed

If you are in love with these pants and you also get fit into them. But when you bend the shorts get ripped, and you can’t go home too. I have a trick to solve this problem. By using a small stapler, you can get rid of this problem. Staple the inner seam of your shorts and wear them.

Pinned Button

Clothing Hacks That Protect You From Feel Embarrassed

Oh shit! It is our reaction When the button of our shirt get broken. But don’t worry we have a solution to your this problem. You can use a paper clip to fix the button. Pick a paper clip and fold it through the button and holes of the shirt. Fix the paper clip on the other side of the shirt and button it up.

Use a straightener to iron your clothes.

You are in so much hurry because you have to go to a meeting, but your shirt not ironed. Don’t worry here we come up with a solution. Use your hair straightener to iron your shirt. Place the hair straightener on the collar of the shirt and press it.

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Polish the threads

The little threads that come out from the button are so annoying. It also increases the risk of breakage of a button. You can fix the threads by using nail polish. Fix all the threads inside the button with hand and use a transparent nail polish outside to adjust the threads.

Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

Sometimes our shoes become very smelly because of sweat. Here we have a solution to get rid of smelly shoes and gym bags. Take the tea bags and place them inside the smelly shoes and gym bags for overnight. In the morning you will find your shoes and bags smell free.

Clean suede

Suedes are so beautiful, and they get dirty very quickly. Use a little toothbrush to clean the dirt from the velvet heels. You need not use any professional brush to clean the suede. A toothbrush will remove the dirt softly and will not damage the fabric.

Rock your boots

Boots don’t look good with loose jeans. To hide your loose jeans wear long socks over the jeans and then wear your long boots. Now go and rock your boots.

Tights Jeans Trick

When our jeans get tighter, and we become unable to button it up then here we will give you a trick by using a tank top. Wear your jeans and then wear a tank top over your jeans and then fold them inside.

Stick your skirt to the leg

Clothing Hacks That Protect You From Feel Embarrassed

It becomes a very awkward situation when our skirt starts flying. We have to feel embarrassed in front of everyone. If it is windy outside and you want to wear a dress then take a few coins and stick them inside your skirt. The weight of coins will not let the skirt fly, and you need not feel embarrassed.