Grow Faster, Longer, and Strong Hair With The Help Of Best Home Remedies


Remedies to grow hair faster-Hair fall is the primary problem of most of the people. Whenever we meet friends or relatives after a long time, and they say your hair destiny has reduced we feel sad after listening to them. Hair loss can affect your body and your looks.

You will feel bad that if one day you wake up and see lots of hair on your pillow. People try a lot of expensive products from the market to apply but of no use. Generally, we start taking medicines for our hair. But then it can lead to further loss.

You must know the perfect things for yourself. Genetic reasons can also affect our hair. Well, we cannot prevent hair damage all time, but we can help them to get protected and will get you thicker, longer, and healthy hair.

Remedies to grow hair faster

remedies to grow hair faster

Get the best growth hair through the home remedies. They will affect them very quickly. So read the following steps very carefully.

Ingredients required:

Coconut oil, pure neem leaves, a big bowl, a pan, stove burner, and a filter.

The natural remedy going to state here is speedy and effectual such that you will get results in just one month. You will get stronger, thick, and healthy faster hair growth. 

In very first step take the neem leaves and wash them off with the help of water and your hands. But you need to make sure that there is no dirt left behind on the leaves.

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Now you need to make the paste with the help of neem leaves. If the leaves are dry, then add some amount of water to it so that the adhesive becomes thick and sticky.

If you are ready with your paste, then add a cup of coconut oil to the bowl. Boil the oil using double boiler method.

Now when you see that the oil is boil entirely, then you can add two to four teaspoons of the neem paste to it.

Continue to stir the oil with neem leaves correctly. Do not leave the pan alone. You need to show some patience while performing the activity. Consistently mix the contents of both with each other.

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As you will stir them the colour of leaves comes o the oil but do not leave the mixture here continue you work until you get the dark green colour.

Try to take out the oil on the plain white plate. White colour will clearly define the colour of your oil. If the tone is dark green, then you are successful in your work, but if it is light, then you need to provide more heat to the oil along with neem leaves.

Now again notice the colour of the oil. If the tone is dark green, then turn off the gas and let the oil cool down entirely so that it is comfortable to touch with the hands.

Now take the oil back in the bowl. 

Now here are some steps to apply the hair oil on your hair.

Application of Neem oil to get long and healthy hair.

The following steps will help you to apply oil to your hair.

Massage your hair and your scalp with the help of oil. The oil should reach down your scalp so that it can increase the blood circulation in that part. The mixture should remain in the scalp for some time. It will give you thick and healthy hair as roots absorb the oil correctly.

The mixture of the oil should stay in your hair at least for an hour so that oil reaches your scalp to get absorbed. After that wash off your hair with the help of mild shampoo.

The warm water is excellent to wash your hair and using the mild shampoo for the process is the best.

After using the oil in the amount required, you can store it in the container with a lid over it and keep it in the refrigerator. The oil can be saved for many weeks there.