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11 Mistakes You Are Committing That Mar Your Coffee


Coffee mistakes that can ruin your coffee-Based on stats made by International Coffee Organisation, every year, the consumption of coffee increases by 10%. Making good coffee is an art, and you can surely bag it by knowing some easy rules.

Pay attention to the aroma of coffee when you buy the coffee beans. If it smells moldy, burnt or you can hardly smell it, the quality is not good enough.

Let us have a look at 11 mistakes people commit that limit you from having the perfect cup of coffee.

11 Coffee mistakes that can ruin your coffee

You cannot save money if you want to buy the right coffee for you. It does matter. Excellent coffee would barely be cheap. So if you plan on buying something cheap, you will have to bear with the poor taste.

10. Not using a coffee grinder

People typically buy the coffee powder to save their time for grinding the beans. It is so wrong! The ground powder loses their taste over time, lying on the shelves of stores.

Pay attention to the grinding limit, even if you buy ground or beans. Coarse, Medium, Thin, Espresso and Powdery are the five grinding degrees. Coarse is excellent for making a French press whereas the powdery one is for European whereas the medium grounded one is for a standard coffee.

Many people prefer to save time and buy ground coffee. But that’s wrong! Ground grains can spend weeks lying on supermarket shelves, and it completely distorts their flavor and changes their taste.

9. Not paying attention to the coffee beans

The main varieties in coffee are Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is suttle whereas Robusta is bitter and has more caffeine. Arabica is costlier than Robusta, about twice as expensive; Arabica beans are oval and large. Robusta beans are round and smaller. Additionally, watch out for any stains or chipping of the beans.

8. Storing coffee beans incorrectly

11 Coffee mistakes that can ruin your coffee

Coffee has enmity with air light and heat. Look at the packaging carefully. It has to be airtight and should have at least three foil layers, in a way that air can leave the package but not get in.

Coffee beans can be kept in a glass can. It is essential to check that the coffee doesn’t smell metallic or catches rust, so beware if you are using a tin can instead. Buying coffee from plastic packaging indicates a low quality of the coffee. Store the coffee in an airtight container, since air and other smells can quickly get into the coffee through a paper bag.

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7. Not following the 1:10 rule

11 Coffee mistakes that can ruin your coffee

Experts suggest that we should use 1 g of freshly ground coffee with 10 ml of water. Too much water will cancel out the best coffee in the world.

6. Using the wrong cup

11 Coffee mistakes that can ruin your coffee

To relish the taste of coffee well, use the right cup. The best way is to opt for a 200 ml cup that has thick sides. A cup that is oblong inside is even better as it will keep the coffee warmer for longer.

Warming the cup before pouring in coffee will add rich flavor to it.

5. Keeping coffee beans in the fridge

That is one more reason why you should not be buying coffee from the general stores.

4. Drinking cool coffee

We all have been through this, making a cup of coffee and forgetting about it! Drink the coffee when you make it as holding it long will make it lose flavor and make it bitter.

3. Adding too many ingredients

Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants. We can get a lot of antioxidants from coffee. With milk, it is even healthier. Putting milk into coffee first came into existence in France. It gives the beverage a pleasant taste and also cools it down. Beware, excess sugar can make the best of coffee taste bad.

2. You buy too much coffee at once

The real lovers of coffee would suggest you use the beans for three weeks after they have been roast., Buying too much can break this rule!

Be attentive at all details printed on the coffee package. You should know when the coffee has been roasted so that you can enjoy its beautiful, intense flavor.

1. Not cleaning the coffee machine enough

Like every other product, coffee machines deserve excellent clean. This will help preserve the coffee aroma and also help prevent the bacteria to get into your beverage.

What’s more?

An excellent coffee package will have a degassing valve. This is for carbon dioxide to leave the package and oxygen not to enter the coffee.

Coffee gives out Co2 for a few days after roasting. The manufacturer should degas the beans if he is not making use of this valve. Leaving it in the open air can make the coffee lose out on some essential oils.

What are your pro tips when it comes to coffee? Do let us know in the comment section below!