Different Places, Different students, Different Lifestyles


Have you ever wondered how cross-cultural differences causes a variation in the lifestyle of people around the globe? This is the major reason behind the change in the lifestyle of college students i.e. How they live, their dressing style, their way of interacting etc. For upcoming college students here is the collection of pictures of various students around the globe depicting their way of living in their respective colleges depending on the surrounding environment and culture. So if you are going to pursue your higher studies from any of the following countries just try to adapt their lifestyle with the help of these pictures.

1) Russia

2) Chisinau, Moldova

3) Santa Clara, Cuba

4) Napoli, Italy

5) Hong Kong

6) Tilburg, Netherlands

7) Nairobi, Kenya

8) Cochabamba, Bolivia

9) Mumbai, India

10) Manila, Philippines

11) Aachen, Germany

12) Chiang Mai, Thailand

13) Havana, Cuba

14) Nairobi, Kenya

15) Groningen, Netherlands

16) Napoli, Italy (Another one)

17) Manila, Philippines (Once again)

18) Moscow, Russia

19) Chisinau, Moldova (Again)

20) Cochabamba, Bolivia (once more)

21) Mumbai, India (A different one from the same city)