Doodling has been the popular interest among the youth these days. A 20-year old comic book artist, popularly known as Potato Queen has been famous has been famous for her hilarious sketches which are based on practical life or regular events and the embarrassing situations which we face every day. Dubbed as Relatable Doodles, the author shares a new comic every two days and connect us with daily life. We have mentioned some of her best artwork. Just have a look at them they are very funny and can easily make you laugh.

1) The piece of skin which always irritate us

2) The insecurity of beautiful eyelashes

3) The bath during Periods

4) The Falling sensation during dreams

5) Toilet Paper position obsessive

6) Treating other toilets like yours

7) Over-thinking after a heated argument

8) Parents always check at a wrong time

9) People who never listen to us

10) Worst feeling of wet socks

11) Every reflecting surface is a mirror for us

12) An interpretation made during lectures

13) The uncontrollable laugh

14) Decreasing ambition during an academic year

15) Mirrors are liars

16) Balance of the light switches

17) Our true voice without a karaoke

18) Avoiding a friend with no money during Shopping

19) Horror story of the 21st century

20) Toxic Friend