22 Etiquette Rules Every Lady Should Know

Etiquettes Rules-There were times when a lady was told how to act, and there were a set of rules prescribed for her behavior on various occasions. Certain rules had to be followed at home too. A lot of women were punished in olden times for not behaving in a particular manner. Ah, poor soul.

Times have changed, and women will do anything to keep their independence. There are certain protocols, however, if a lady follows, it makes her very presentable in public. These are not necessarily rules, and they shouldn’t be seen like it. These can be called as social graces or ways of politeness that will only promote our graceful nature.

So let us have a look at 22 ways we can make our charm shine amongst the on-lookers. The rules are pretty straightforward, so don’t panic!

  1. Introduce your guests to the bathroom when they arrive. This will freshen up their moods, and they would be more relaxed and approachable.
22 Etiquette Rules Ladies Should Follow To Be More Graceful

2. A lot of guests ring over gifts which could include eatables or drinks. Serve it on the table so that everyone can enjoy what they have presented.

3.  Whenever you are supposed to leave the party, don’t move out without informing the hosts. This is considered being polite, and it is best to keep your hosts in the loop.

4. If you feel stifled in a restaurant you are at, make sure your waiter knows! 22 Etiquette Rules Ladies Should Follow To Be More Graceful

5. Avoid showing what is inside your purse to anyone in public.

6. Only brush your hair in the ladies’ room if you are outside. Retouching your makeup is good but don’t go for applying lipstick due to hygiene protocols.

7. Refilling your glass may come out as rude. You could ask someone sitting next to you to do so for you.22 Etiquette Rules Ladies Should Follow To Be More Graceful

8. Yelling at someone or shouting out loud to someone in the adjacent house is impolite. Even when you are home.

9. Don’t go to the best place when you approach a table. Go for an option that is nearest to you. Yes, little things that make a difference.

10. Make sure that you keep your spoon on the plate that is under the soup bowl even when you are sipping in mid-intervals. If you are sipping from a soup plate, keep the spoon inside it at all times instead of another plate.

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22 Etiquette Rules Ladies Should Follow To Be More Graceful

11. Hold your mug or cup by using the index finger and thumb and then the middle finger for support. Avoid looping the fingers.

12. It is not advisable to keep your purse or your hat on the table or desk.

13. Don’t sit with your legs crossed. Avoid it especially when you sitting on a low chair.

22 Etiquette Rules Ladies Should Follow To Be More Graceful
14. Keep your overcoats in the cloakroom. Or else, place them on hangers.

15. The only thing you should be doing in the cloakroom is to fix your hair.

16.  While getting in and out of the car, a lady should try sliding. This looks graceful and will help you adjust your outfit too.

16. Let us talk about cars now.

17. Except for your purse, you can leave everything in the cloakroom.

18. It is acceptable if your boyfriend escorts you to your car.

19. The guy doesn’t have to pick you up if you own a car and can drive well!

19. If a lady owns a car her boyfriend does not need to pick her up.

20. With someone you are acquainted with, you can be seated on the backseat of his car.

21. Never let your mood affect your manners.

21. Whatever your mood is, it should never affect your manners.

22.  When you are hanging out with your friends, keep the smartphone away!

There-there! Weren’t these rules quick and easy? These actions could be subtle, but they do mark your impression on anyone addressing you. Grace and poise are your two besties for life when you start to look after these etiquettes we just mentioned.

Some methods might need practice, but they sure will come to you. Your ways and manners will talk volumes about your personality! The ace up your grace, beauties.