Eyeliner mistakes and how to redeem yourself? Even beautiful eyes need a little bit of touch up. Your eyeliner can add to the natural beauty of your eyes ten times. But, Applying eyeliner is no walk in the park. You need to do it correctly and professionally. Do you know how to do it that way? If not, we’re here to help you.

Rather than teaching anything new, we’ll first correct few common mistakes which you tend to make. These ten mistakes must be totally avoided.

Eyeliner mistakes and how to redeem yourself

1.Using a blunt pencil.

10 Eyeliner mistakes and how to redeem yourself

A blunt pencil will not give you a smooth finish. Use a sharp pencil to give yourself a fine look.

2. Avoid using colored eyeliner on the lower lid.

Colored eyeliner does look good on the upper lid, but, not on the lower one. It rather makes you look weird. So, avoid using colored eyeliner on the lower lid.


3. Go for symmetrical wings.

The shape and thickness of wings on each eye should match with the other eye otherwise you’ll look shabby.

4. Say no to using liquid liner on the lower lids.

Use only a pencil liner on your lower lids. Liquid eyeliner is meant for the upper lids so use it there only.

5. Use a good quality eyeliner.

You might be using a wrong eyeliner which smudges very quickly. Use a high-quality eyeliner which doesn’t smudge very quickly and which is waterproof as well.

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6. Don’t leave any gap between the lashes and the eyeliner.

Some girls tend to leave a gap between the lashes and eyeliner. It’s a complete NO! Your eyeliner should be in touch with your eyelashes.

7. Imperfect wing tips.

The key to making the perfect wings is making them sharp, and tilted somewhat upward. Use a sharp pencil to do that. If you use a blunt one, you’ll end up getting thicker and imperfect wings.

8. Never stretch your eyelids while applying eyeliner!

If you stretched your eyelids while applying eyeliner, you would end up with uneven eyeliner.So avoid doing that.

9. Don’t apply liner to the inner part of your lower lid.

Applying eyeliner to the inner part of your lower lid will make your eyes look small and dizzy. So, don’t do that.

10. Avoid Smudging your eyeliner way too much.

Sometimes, while trying to get the smokey eye effect, You tend to smudge your liner a bit too much. This doesn’t look nice, and it looks as if your makeup is flawed. Try going for a bit of natural smudge instead.