Straightening your hair naturally


Remedies to straighten hair-There are so many ways in which a woman styles her hair. Straight haired women try everything t achieve those curls and vice versa. Anyways let’s talk about those who wish to have straighter hair today. We have come across a few remedies you could try at home to straighten your hair instead of those heat treatments. There won’t be any added damage to your hair if you try these methods out. Have a look.

Remedies to straighten hair naturally

Remedies to straighten hair

Multani mitti

When it comes to skincare, Multani mitti works wonders. But Multani mitti also one of the remedies to straighten hair. Add some water and apply the paste to your hair for an hour to get a straight outcome.

Eggs and milk

These two work great as a combination. The effect is worth it although the smell can be a little annoying. Shake this mixture well and apply it to the hair. Wash it after an hour.

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Coconut milk

This could be very nourishing for the hair if you combine it correctly. It will make your locks straighter. Add two spoons of olive oil, half a lemon, cornstarch to coconut milk and heat this mix. After the mix has cooled, let it soak into the hair thoroughly. Wash it well.

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Aloe vera


Add three spoons of flaxseed oil to boiling water. After this mix cools, add two spoons of aloe gel, one spoon of lemon juice, two spoons of castor oil and two spoons of honey. Stir this mixture well and apply it to the wet hair. Wash it once it dries.

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Honey and banana

You will need some honey and banana. Add half a cup of yogurt and olive oil to the mix and apply it to the hair. Let it work out the magic for one hour and then wash it off.

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