Eye Love It: Eyeshadow Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Chicks


Eyeshadow hacks that will take from beginner to pro-Not all of us have the magical abilities possessed by expert makeup artists who make applying eye makeup look like a piece of cake. Some of us don’t even know how to use eyeliner properly. Eyeshadow palettes are even worse. But here we are to the rescue again with our hacks, tips, and tricks! Read on and behold the secrets to eye makeup.

Eyeshadow hacks that will take from beginner to pro

Primer is the Answer

Eyeshadow hacks that will take from beginner to pro

Behold, the magic powers of a primer! Seriously, if you’re having trouble with oily lids, creasing lids and whenever your eyeshadow fades or smudges, it can help you do wonders! It also helps in smoothing the base for your eyeshadow. But if you don’t have one yet, you can always turn to your trusty concealer and apply it before your eyeshadow.

White Intensifies

For eyeshadows that aren’t so pigmented, the secret is the colour white! White-coloured eyeshadows or liners can make the colours look more vibrant and tinted.

Eye Choose You!

You know, you don’t need to copy everything you see in Vogue. In reality, not all colours suit every skin tone, and it’s also the same with the eyes. With a wide range of options, be sure to pick one you like—something that you know would bring out the colour in those beautiful orbs and make them stand out.

The Brush Rush

Brushes, like primers, are magical tools that will help you achieve your dream eye makeup look. I mean, they’re better than foam applicators, and they usually come along with the shadow palettes you buy. Aside from that, brushes will give you a cleaner look when you blend the colours for a perfect touch.

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Just the Right Highlight

Here’s a technique most girls find very tricky: highlighting. It’s easy to apply a highlighter, but the trick is to use it in the right places. Using the proper light shade to accentuate your brow bone and corners of your eyes will help your look get the right shine it needs.

The Killer Shimmer

Shimmery shadows may sound and look pretty; you have to be careful in using them. Too much shimmer can highlight the creases and wrinkles. Plus, they form fine lines around your eyes. You can use creamy and metallic shades instead. There’s nothing wrong with a little shimmer, just keep in mind the amount of fallout when choosing which one to apply.

The Fine Line

Oh, the many uses of the fantastic eyeshadow! By just wetting the tip of your brush, your eyeshadow can quickly transform into an eyeliner! You can choose any colour you want, then apply it evenly. And don’t forget your primer! 😉

The Magic Continues When You Reuse

Oh, the many uses, indeed! Here’s another one: did you know that you can use your old eyeshadows to make your homemade nail polish? Yep, that’s right! Just mix the powder with clear nail polish and voila!

Time for Your Brows Now

And last but not the least, your all-in-one eyeshadow can be used for your brows. All you have to do is wet the tip of your brush and smoothly run over your eyebrows. Just make sure you pick the colour closest to your brows.