DIY Easy Gel Eyeliner


Gel eyeliner is the best, and most girls would agree! But did you know that, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can make your home-made gel liner? For this power product, you may have to think twice about throwing out the black eyeshadows in your makeup kit that you don’t use anymore. They can come in handy. So get your stuff ready, because here come the fab five ingredients you need for your DIY gel liner!

The Fab Five For Your Eye:

1. Black Eye Shadow or Cake Liner

2. Forceps or Any Sharp Object to Scrape the Eye Shadow

3. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

4. A spoon or a spatula

5. A clean and empty jar

Okay, ready? Let’s make ourselves some gel eyeliner

Step One: This is where your leftover black eyeshadow will come to use. With your forceps or any sharp object, scrape up the eyeshadow and transfer it to an empty container. 

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Step Two: So now you’ve got black powder in a small container. But we’re making a gel here, right? Well, now it’s time for some Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline. Oops! Not too much, though! Don’t scoop up too much, but just enough for the powder to reach your preferred consistency. Make sure that the Jelly doesn’t overpower the eyeshadow, but keep it in a lesser amount than the eyeshadow.

Step Three: Make sure to mix it well. You don’t want excess powder dusting your lids, nor do you want a mixture that’s too thick. To make sure you have the right consistency, swatch it.

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Step Four: If you’ve got your preferred consistency down, you can now transfer your gel into a clean empty jar. Freeze it for 15 minutes to let it set well. 

This gel liner may not be waterproof, but it doesn’t leave annoying smudges or racoon eyes when you apply it over your lower lash line. Check out the swatches before and after you let it set in the freezer:

Before freezing
After freezing

So that’s it, ladies! You now have your home-made gel liner! Remember, you can still switch it up a bit if you have other eyeshadows other than black for something more colourful!